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Portia was James Frampton's familiar as well as his lover, which was forbidden for witches and their familiars.



After helping hunters Sam and Dean Winchester solve a case, James Frampton delves into the paranormal and becomes a witch, which is what causes Portia to come "find" him and becomes his familiar. The two eventually fall in love.

Portia is oblivious to the feelings that Spencer Wallis, James' friend, has for her. He is enraged to find out about her and James' relationship because he believes that he deserves Portia. He frames James by murdering people, fabricating evidence, and even planting images of the murders in his head as nightmares so that James himself would believe that he was guilty. This causes James to start blocking Portia from seeing his thoughts, which worries her.

Season 8[]

Portia secretly enlists the Winchesters' help by sending them a text using James' phone. When they arrive, she first investigates them as a dog and quickly takes to Sam, who is a dog lover; however, she is not so fond of Dean, who dislikes dogs, is prejudiced against witches, and makes many assumptions about Portia and James which she resents. She then takes them to James.

Portia investigates the local witches' gathering place alongside Dean. She questions fellow familiar Phillippe, who is Spencer's familiar. However, she and Dean are led to believe that there is no spell which can plant false images in a witch's head.

Portia reluctantly chains James to his bed that night, per his wishes to be locked-up in case he is the murderer. They end up having sex, which brings down James' mental defenses enough for Portia to accidentally see into his mind. When she sees his nightmares, she realizes that his head has been tampered with because he doesn't remember anything before or after the murders, merely the acts themselves. She stops Sam and Dean and explains this to them when they break in to kill James.

Later, Portia and Dean meet up with a snitch named Drexyl, who tells them that the rest of the witch community wants to either expel James or force him to commit suicide in order to protect themselves from getting discovered by the police—this news outrages Portia.

Portia is worried when James uses astral projection to check out what kind of case the police are building against him because he has not used that power in a long time. He returns safely with Sam and Dean, and Portia learns that they have found out that Phillippe has filed a false witness report to incriminate James. She can't stop James from going after Phillippe in a fit of rage, but turns into a dog and follows him. She hears Spencer's confession and attacks him to protect James and the Winchesters, all of whom have been incapacitated, thus giving the Winchesters enough time to kill Spencer.

Portia and James decide to leave town to avoid persecution from the law and their fellow witches and familiars and bid the Winchesters goodbye.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Telepathy - She has a psychic connection to James, which allows her to read his mind and him hers. However, he can block her if he concentrates.

Portia in her familiar form.

  • Shapeshifting - She could take on the appearance of a Doberman Pinscher with cropped ears and a docked tail at will.