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Pontianaks are a type of creature born from the spirits of woman that died during childbirth.

History[edit | edit source]

Pontianaks born from spirits of women that died during childbirth. However, not all women that died during childbirth will return as pontianak.

Pontianak quite rare in nature, hence no much lore recorded on it. The record mostly came from Southeast Asia (in this case, Sam and Dean using Filipino lores, based from Dean suggestion) During the events in Supernatural: Cold Fire, following killing spree targeting men and infants at Braden Heights, Indiana, Sam and Dean unable to figure out what kind of creature that attacking the town. Lacking access to Men of Letters lore in the bunker due nobody being there, they resorted to using resources available on web which was very scarce on information.

In 1962, Riza Nodd was killed by her father, Calvin Nodd. Some time later, her spirit returned as Pontianak. Subsequent Calvin victims also returned as Pontianak as well. However, they remained dormant and somehow trapped in Larkin's estate. In 2015, a relative of Larkin Family, Sally Holcomb returned to their ancestral land. Sally Holcomb, which unexpectedly pregnant at that time, stepped her foot to the Larkin estate, echoing what happened more than 50 years ago, awakened all of the Pontianaks inside including Riza.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Pontianaks are capable shapeshifter, lores said they can shapeshift to beautiful woman. In reality, their real form were quite pale and terrifying and possessed black eyes. When fully unleashed, their eyes become fully white and transformed into monstrous form and lack of humanoid features. Their faces become very distorted and their womb broken, revealing monstrous black misshapen fetus with lamprey like mouth and sharp-tipped tentacle like appendages. Their fully unleashed mode only unleashed when they encounter very intense situation.

For unknown reason, they retain surreal features like more real appearance instead only ghostly apparition like common ghosts and carnivorous traits.

Pontianaks had a fondness in human flesh and blood, on any kind (even an infant) and fed on it. Sam commented that Pontianak which fed on infant are langsuirs, but in general still treated as pontianaks. Sam noted that both Pontianak and Langsuir are the same.

When they killed, they decayed at an accelerated rate. Skin and muscle dissolved, along with the rotted contents of their wombs into black ooze, exposing pale bones. Less than a minute after that, the bones began to collapse under their own weight, forming white piles of ash on the dirt floor.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Pontianaks are incredibly powerful creature with some rare and in some cases, unique abilities.

  • Shapeshifting - Pontianaks are capable shapeshifter. They can change their appearance according to their will.
  • Invisibility - As ghost, they are invisible. Except they wanted to appear.
  • Intangibility - As ghost, they are intangible. However, unusual for ghosts, once they are appear and manifested fully, their body is tangible and corporeal enough, and can be damaged by iron bullets.
  • Invulnerability - Pontianaks are quite invulnerable against most harm, except pinned in a hole behind the neck using iron stake to weaken them and put them in sleep mode.
  • Possession - As ghost, they able to possessed people. Unlike angry ghosts that normally secrete ectoplasm, the sign of Pontianak possession is fresh blood stream from nostril.
  • Memory Manipulation - Pontianaks capable to manipulate memories of their victim.
  • Mental Manipulation - Pontianaks capable to manipulate mental state of his victim, causing irrational and uncontrollable anger to build up in their victim.
  • Biokinesis - Pontianaks able to inflict biological damage. They able to extract eye from anyone who saw them by their eyesight for consuming it. They also able to choke their victim remotely, even no need to really present in the same room with victim and leaving choking bruises.
  • Teleportation - Pontianaks able to teleport, even far away from their lair, and back again.
  • Claws - Pontianaks possesed sharp claws to attack and use it as offensive means against their attacker.
  • Body Parts Fragmentation - A lore said, if not properly pinned before killed, head and limbs of pontianaks can be detached from their bodies and fly away, making very difficult to kill
  • Scent Production - They can produce sweet breeze scent, marking their arrival.
  • Voice Mimicry - They able to produce wailing voice like crying baby. If the sounds very loud, it means they are far away from their victim. However, if the voice weaken, they are very close to them.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Angels - Stronger beings like angels can effortlessly defeat them. Despite in weakened state, Castiel able to hold their influence and defeat them.
  • Iron - Like all ghosts, iron can affect them. However, they will not simply dissipated like other ghosts. If they are attacked during in corporeal form, iron bullets will leaving trace or wound as usual bullet hits the target. Despite that, it not stopping them, unless they are put on sleep.
    • Iron Stakes - Stabbing an iron stake to the neck hole behind their head will put them to sleep.
  • Decapitation - Once a Pontianak is put to sleep, they can be killed through decapitation.

Known Pontianaks[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

Pontianak is a female vampiric ghost in Malay mythology. The lore of Pontianak is widely spread on South East Asia countries, particularly in Malay-speaking countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Pontianak is the name that mostly renowned specifically in Borneo Island, while in other areas they are called as Kuntilanak (in the rest of Indonesia) or Matianak (in Malaysia). Use of Filipino lore (as Sam and Dean use) in referring Pontianak, indicate they use lore that written by Sulu people, which were ruling the north east part of Borneo Island (now this region being part of Malaysia) and established the Sultanate of Sulu (now part of Phillipines). The kingdom itself was Malay speaking country before disestablished in early 20th century.

In lores, it was said, to defeat Pontianaks, iron weapons can be used to defeat them. Some lores said they must stabbed in the neck by iron nail. Some others (mostly Indonesian lores), said that they must stabbed at the apex of head (crown). Some lores also said, aside of iron nails, brass, golden, or gilded nail can be used for same effect. Once stabbed, they will pinned down and unable to move. In Malaysian lore, It is true they can be killed by decapitation using iron machete (parang). To avoid the deceased returned as Pontianak, before burial, a quantity of glass beads are put in the mouth of the corpse, a hen's egg is put under each arm-pit, and needles are placed in the palms of the hands.

In Filipino lore nowadays, Pontianak are renowned as Tik-tik. However, Tik-tiks in Filipino lore do not have capabilities to fragment their body and crying like baby. In Filipino lore, the spirit that has capability like that renowned as: Manananggal (fragment their body) and Tiyanak (crying like baby). All of them (Tik-tik, Manananggal, and Tiyanak) are diferent creatures, but shared similar fondness in human flesh and blood.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pontianaks are the only known type of ghost so far to feed.
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