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Polly was a young girl whom Dick Roman singles out to be a test subject for his genocide program.

Early Life[]

Before, she was apparently a cancer patient, who was cured of her cancer by the Leviathans, and then drugged into obedience.[1]


Season 7[]

Polly in the room with Kevin.

Polly is placed in a room with Kevin Tran by a Leviathan in SucroCorp. At first Kevin thinks she's another prophet but quickly realizes she's not. After a while the same Leviathan appears with a grey dress and orders her to get changed. She complies and soon the Leviathan takes her away.

Dick injects the Additive 3.0 in Polly.

Later on, Polly is taken to the board room and Dick presents her as a test subject. He calls her a "skinny little thing" and says the cream will work just fine on her. He injects her with Additive 3.0, the additive in the cream, and then her vision blurs and she vomits foam before convulsing violently and dropping dead to the floor. Dick remarks on how the cream will be shipped to Los Angeles the next day, and he tells the Leviathans to watch the news.[2]

Polly dead laying next to Dick.



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