That's Plutus? What is he, God of the candy aisle?
— Dean's first impression of Plutus

Plutus was the Greek God of Greed. He held auctions of various rare and precious artifacts. He was betrayed and killed by his assistant Beau.


Season 8Edit

Sometime after losing his worshipers, he set up in Wyoming an auction, guarded by other, lesser pagan deities, that dealt in rare and exclusive items such as the Mjölnir and the Amulet of Hesperus, which he auctioned to his clientele. After a thief stole the Word of God, he was able to get hold of it and auctioned it.

After a bidding match between Crowley and Samandriel, he took Kevin Tran, and added him to the item, Kevin's mother sold her soul to him in exchange for both. Although Crowley offered more, he took Mrs. Tran's offer because it was worth far more to her than the souls were to Crowley. When Crowley tried to bargain with his own soul, Plutus laughed and taunted Crowley, saying the demon didn't have a soul.


Plutus is dead at the hands of Beau.

However, when the trade off came, he was betrayed by his assistant Beau, whom Crowley had bribed, who literally stabbed him in the back with a stake dipped in an unknown blood, killing the god.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Wooden Stakes - He was killed by being stabbed with a stake by his assistant Beau.


Ploutos, usually Romanized as Plutus, was the god of wealth in ancient Greek religion and myth.

He was often confused with Pluto, the Roman god of Underworld. Dean actually makes this mistake, upon first hearing his name. Pluto is actually Hades in Greek mythology.

In art Plutus was usually depicted as a boy holding a cornucopia filled with grain in the company of his mother Demeter.



  • Plutus is the second known representant/incarnation of greed, the first being the higher Black-eyed Demon, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Greed.
  • Plutus' decision to sell Kevin and the Word of God to Linda and not Crowley is a minor nod to his mythological counterpart, whom Zeus had blinded to ensure he did not give out gifts with prejudice. When he regained his eyesight, he chose himself who was worthy of gifts, which led to conflict, and ironically in the series, his own death.
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