Entrance Hall, Plutus' Auction House 2

Auction House's hallway.

Plutus' Auction House is a place where the God of Greed, Plutus, sells valuable objects he managed to obtain.



The auction is very exclusive and those who go there require invitations.

According to Plutus' right-hand man, Beau, the auction has a strict "no casting, no cursing, no supernaturally flicking the two of you against the wall just for the fun of it" policy.

The auction house is set up in an abandoned warehouse, which is warded against Hell, Heaven and beyond. Many lesser deities guard the area to protect the valuable objects being sold. Auctionees who visit must place all weapons inside a box at the entrance.


Guests attending to Auction 1

The auction room.

The last held auction (before Plutus' death) occurred in Laramie, Wyoming, in 2012.

Among the items put on display were - among other things - Excalibur, DaVinci's Codes, Mjölnir, Amulet of Hesperus, and the Demon Tablet (Kevin was later added to the batch too). Known attendants included Mr. Vili, Sam and Dean Winchester, Linda and Kevin Tran, Samandriel and Crowley.

The Winchesters, the Trans, Samandriel and Crowley all wanted the tablet. Beau later decided to sell Kevin along with the tablet, since only Kevin could read its contents, being a prophet. Linda offers her soul, and Plutus sells her son along with the tablet to her. He also sells Mjölnir to Mr. Vili in exchange for a finger bone of Ymir and 5/8 of a virgin.

Crowley, disgruntled he didn't get the tablet, possesses Linda and tries to steal the tablet, with the help of Beau, who was secretly working for Crowley. Beau kills Plutus while Crowley tries to flee, but Sam and Dean manage to stop him. Crowley escapes while Sam kills Beau and Mr. Vili using Mjölnir.



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