Plush is the 7th episode of Season 11. It aired on November 18, 2015.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sheriff Donna (guest star Briana Buckmaster) calls Sam and Dean for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements happens in her town. Sam continues to have visions and asks God for help, which frustrates Dean.


Fran Hinkle asks her husband Stan to take out the trash, but he says no and continues to watch the TV. Disgruntled, she then takes out the trash herself, unaware that a figure with a fake rabbit head is watching her. The figure goes into the house and hands Stan a beer bottle before stabbing him with it. Fran walks in on the rabbit person stabbing her husband, and screams in terror.

Sam is praying to God in his room in the Men of the Letters bunker, asking God to clarify his visions. Dean walks in and interrupts Sam causing an argument. Dean tells Sam not to count on God. Dean gets a call from Sheriff Donna about the "killer bunny" and they head over to Larsen County.

Donna tells Sam and Dean that the mysterious bunny head does not come off. She also says she wasn't sure whether or not to call them, but did because she was scared of the chance it might be supernatural. Dean said he wasn't sure if it was their kind of thing and calls it a "wild hare" causing laughs from him and Donna. They're interrupted by a fellow officer named Doug Stover, who Donna has mixed feelings for since he is her type, but is also a cop named Doug, just like her ex-husband.

Donna takes Sam and Dean to the holding cells where the bunny man is held, and tells them that he couldn't be identified except for the fact that he is Caucasian and 18–25 years old. Sam and Dean question the bunny man causing him to try to strangle Dean. Sam pours holy water on its arm, but it doesn't react, so it's not a demon. Sam notices a tattoo that says "Kylie Forever" on his arm, and they look for all the Kylies in town.

Sam and Dean are parked in front of a house occupied by Kylie Jennings. Kylie tells them that the bunny is her boyfriend, Mike Hooks. She is confused about why he would stab Stan until she remembers that he was acting weird the day before. Kylie said that he put on the bunny mask, and walked out of the door without paying or his phone. She claims that he was a completely different person after he put on the mask.

Donna and Doug are taking Mike to the hospital to attempt to take the mask off. Donna becomes offended when Doug tries to pick him up, thinking that he was implying that women were not strong. In an effort to prove herself, she tries, and fails, to pick him up. She then screams at Doug to help until she gets a call from Dean. The bunny jumps up while she accepts, and tries to attack Donna. Doug shoots him, and the mask falls off the dead body.

Sam, Dean, and Donna burn the mask in a field. Donna blames herself for the death of the boy, and Sam and Dean try to tell her it's not her fault. Sam hands her a box of matches, and she sets the head on fire.

Brock Buckner is working with his coach in a school gym. When he stops bench pressing, Brock goes to lift weights in front of a mirror with his headphones in. His coach sits in his office where he is attacked by a person dressed as a court jester, which is the mascot of the school. The coach is hit in the head with a kettle bell, and the court jester leaves.

Donna tells Sam and Dean that the coach is not dead, but he is in a coma. Doug is horrified by the killings, and Dean and Donna tell him they're copycat killers. Sam and Dean ask Brock if he saw anything, but he said that he didn't see anything. Brock also says he doesn't know who the mascot is since he's the quarterback. He impresses Dean with the fact that he can bench four plates on either side. Sam asks Brock ghost related questions, and Brock says the room got cold while he was lifting weights.

Back in the holding cells, Dean points the EMF meter at the mascot, and deems it a ghost possession. The boys explain to Donna how ghosts can tie themselves to one or more objects, such as masks, and can be exorcised with salt or iron. Dean shoots it with a salt pellet, and the ghost leaves the body, causing the mask to fall off. Underneath is Michelle, who has no idea what's going on.

Dean tells Donna to let Michelle go since no one saw her, and she didn't intend on hurting anybody. Michelle tells them that Coach Evans was a hard P.E. coach, but she never wanted to kill him. When Dean asks her where the school got the costume from, she says it was from a woman named Rita Johnson. She said the costumes were all her brother's (Chester) who used them when he worked as a party performer. Chester committed suicide by jumping off a bridge due to depression. Max wanted to keep the costume since Chester and him were really close. Rita donated all the costumes since they made her sad. She also says that Chester did not know any of the victims, so Sam and Dean are left without a motive.

Donna, Sam, and Dean try to figure out how to stop Chester's vengeful spirit since he was cremated, and his costumes are scattered all over. Doug and Donna go to collect the costumes, while Sam and Dean investigate the motive.

A person in a clown costume enters a hospital room with a man, Coach Evans, in it. Circus music plays as the clown cuts the coach's throat, and he bleeds to death.

The clown walks the halls of the hospital covered in blood, and still holding the bloody scalpel. He enters the same elevator as Sam who is visiting the coach. Sam braves his fear of clowns, and knocks the knife out of the clown's hand, causing it to attack Sam. He presses an iron rod to the clown's neck, and the spirit leaves the body. The man under the mask is revealed to be an old man named Steve Burgess.

After learning from Stan's wife Fran about the molestation allegations, the Winchesters approached Rita who tells them the truth. By this point Donna and Doug had tracked down all of Chester's old costumes and burned them, but Max still had the deer head from the costume Chester died in and put it on while his mother and the Winchesters talked, allowing Chester to possess him. Possessing his nephew, Chester attacks the Winchesters and Rita but Dean expels him by touching the railroad spike to Max's back.

As Sam goes to burn the deer's head, Chester's ghost manifests without possessing people and flings Sam into the trunk of the Impala, stunning him for a moment. Chester then returns to the house where he attacks Dean who protects Rita and Max with a salt circle. Max desperately calls to Chester to stop, but after staring at Max for a moment, Chester goes after Dean again, strangling him. Before Chester can kill Dean, Sam burns the deer's head and Chester bursts into flames. Growling in pain, Chester burns to nothing as his horrified sister and nephew watch.


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  • Donna: Won't be once bitten, twice Doug'd.


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Supernatural 11x07 Promo "Plush" (HD)

Supernatural 11x07 Promo "Plush" (HD)


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