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Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie is the 14th episode of Season 7.


CLOWNS, UNICORNS AND SHARKS, OH MY! — Sam is forced to confront a childhood fear when a case takes him and Dean to Kansas to investigate Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie, a local pizza chain that hosts children’s birthday parties. Sam and Dean discover that the victims’ children had recently been to the restaurant and drawn a picture of their worst fear, which then came to life to kill their parent. While Dean confronts the man behind the magic, Sam is left to deal with some very angry clowns.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

Promotional Images

  • Sam captured by Clown
  • Dean
  • Sam pointing a gun with a Clown behind him
  • Clown behind Sam
  • Dean chasing a man in a Lion suit
  • Dean closing in
  • Sam points a gun at the clown


  • Dean: "A few simple rules, okay. No babies. No baby mamas. No bars, no booze, no hot chicks of any kind."
  • Dean: Seriously, Frank, Pay phones? Come on, I'm getting the clap off this thing just touching it.
  • Sam: "So you got Dick on Dick?"


  • The last episode where the Winchesters go to Kansas was Hello, Cruel World.
  • Last time Sam's fear of clowns was mentioned was in Everybody Loves a Clown.
  • With the countdown, this episode is parodying the show 24, where Misha Collins portrayed Alexis Drazen for 7 episodes.
  • When looking at the pictures, Dean remarks, that leperachans are pretty scarry, a reference to the brothers encounter with the fairies in "Clap Your Hands if you Believe".
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