This unnamed demon worked as a pimp for Raul's Girls.


As part of a plan to get soul deals up after the war with Abaddon, Raul formed the brothel Raul's Girls with Gerald and this demon. On his end, this demon acted as a pimp, kidnapping Shaylene Johnson and forcing her into prostitution where she'd lure men in and make them sign their souls away to sleep with her. Unlike the rest of Raul's operation, the pimp demon didn't operate out of the brothel, instead having Shaylene use a dating app to draw men in while he spread business cards for Raul's Girls around.

Season 10Edit

After Shaylene called him to sign another deal, the pimp demon was shocked to see that it was Dean Winchester before being confronted by him and Sam. The demon quickly discovered that he was unable to escape as the Winchesters had painted a devil's trap on the room's celling that he had walked into. Sam explained to the demon that Shaylene had told them everything about the operation and they'd told Shaylene how he was actually a demon from Hell.

The demon told them that he and Shaylene were the only ones involved and she was lying, but Shaylene reveals the existence of the brothel, having heard the pimp demon talk on the phone about it. The demon was unconcerned, telling Shaylene she'd have been dead or worse in a year if he hadn't found her and that she should be thanking him. Enraged, Shaylene snatches an angel blade from Dean's hand and uses it to kill the pimp demon. Dean is left annoyed as the demon was their best chance of finding the brothel, but Shaylene retrieves one of the brothel's business cards from the demon's body and they are able to get the brothel's address off of that instead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one:


He possessed all the regular weaknesses of a demon.


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