I mean, look at him — Sure he can run a little bit, but Thor, he ain't. You think he's gonna grab Freddy Fitness here and throw him down and rip out his heart?? I don't think so. Forgive me if I didn't take him out back and shoot him.
Detective Pike on the the last known person to see a murder victim alive
in Heartache

Detective Pike was a Minneapolis Police Detective.

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A young man who was apparently jogging at night along a trail in Minneapolis, MN was found dead face down with his heart completely ripped out, but has not been robbed or injured in any other way. Detective Pike was assigned to the case.

Sam and Dean Winchester arrived at the police station to confer with the detective, and he showed them video surveillance from the murder scene. It showed the victim, who seems very fit, jogging along with a man who seems to be quite portly in comparison, but who nevertheless passes up the victim on the trail as if he's standing still. The Winchesters immediately think that "the chubby guy", who turns out to be Paul Hayes, is the most likely suspect. Upon being told that he's been cleared, Dean in particular implies that maybe he has not been investigated thoroughly enough. Pike was offended and sternly tells Dean that his department has questioned and thoroughly investigated Hayes and found not so much as a parking ticket. Tension quickly builds, and Pike and Dean have a bit of a hostile staring contest until Sam nervously intervenes and asks where they might find Paul Hayes.

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