Piero Mutti was a painter.


Piero lived in Florence, Italy during the 1520s.

One day, he met a woman named Isabella and developed a strong desire to paint her and create a masterpiece. Isabella, smitten by Piero, whole-heartedly agreed and even allowed Piero to use her blood and a part of her finger as pigment for the painting. After Piero completed the project, Isabella confessed her love to Piero, but was coldly rejected since Piero claimed he was only in love with his work. He also said he saw Isabella simply as his muse.

A heartbroken Isabella was forced to join a convent by her family. However, Isabella chose to sneak out and find Piero so she could enact revenge in some form. She was going to destroy the painting, but was horrified to discover Piero having sex with another woman. In retaliation, Isabella brutally murdered Piero with a knife.

Due to her crime, Isabella was arrested and subsequently convicted of being a witch. She was burned at the stake. Isabella would soon return as a ghost, her tether to Earth being the painting itself.


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