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Lilith uses white light

Photokinesis is the devastating ability to emit burning light[1] from one's body, mostly through the palm. This ability is rare and is limited to extremely powerful beings, such as angels and some high-tier demons. Sam Winchester is immune to the demonic version, and it is presumed the other Special Children share his immunity, however the angels' version could easily destroy them. Exactly how different the angelic version from the demonic version is is unknown. Angels can also use this light in a smaller amount to heal wounds.

Its strength can also be controlled, from harming a single being to destroying entire cities. 

Characters with this ability

  • Seraphim
    • Castiel - After being lent 50,000 souls by Crowley, he has been seen using an advanced version of this ability against Raphael and then later using it to destroy the Starships. Even without the soul enchantment and being in weakened state, he was going to use this ability in order to smite the King of Hell, Crowley but he fled.
  • Angels

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  • Azazel - in Supernatural: Beginning's End



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