Phillip was the butler to Bunny LaCroix.


Phillip was the only person to whom Bunny confided the existence of her illegitimate child, Olivia, to, and he was entrusted with delivering a key to Bobby Singer should anything happen to her.

When Bunny died, Phillip took pity on Olivia, who was forced to remain locked up in the attic. He let her out and hired her as a maid, so she could hide in plain sight. For the funeral, Phillip gave assignments to the maids to prepare the mansion for the arrival of Bunny's relatives.

However, Olivia killed Colette, forcing Phillip to cover it up and claim that Colette had left to enroll in clown college.

When Sam and Dean Winchester arrived to pick up Bobby's inheritance, Phillip spoke with them privately and gave them an envelope. Although the will reading was the following day, he did not want the brothers to remain in the mansion any longer, as they were too good for the "money grubbing leeches".

Sam and Dean however, returned to the mansion upon discovering the object they received was actually a key, and not a priceless necklace. Back at the mansion, they learned Stanton had been murdered. While investigating the cause, Dean found out the key opened a door to the attic, where he discovered Olivia, who claimed Phillip had locked her in there for not lying to Detective Howard about what she saw. In truth, Phillip had locked Olivia away for killing Stanton.

Dean searched for Phillip and found him in his quarters. He suspected Phillip was covering up a ghost haunting, but Sam, meanwhile, discovered Phillip's corpse in the kitchen. He was killed by a stab to the back with a knife. Sam texted Dean about his discovery, forcing the fake Phillip to throw Dean across the room and shed his skin and outfit, revealing the culprit to be a shapeshifter, who was none other than Olivia.

Dash inquired on Olivia's reason for killing Phillip, since he was on her side as she explained with some sadness because he turned on her. His death was later avenged when Dean killed Olivia after she was found out.



  • Actor Kevin McNulty previously portrayed Roy Le Grange in season 1 episode "Faith".
  • It appeared Olivia cared for him, since he let her out of captivity as she appeared remorseful for killing him.
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