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Phil Evans was a coach working at a school gym.


After a session of weight lifting with Brock, Phil enters his office. While there, a person dressed as a court jester walks in and starts beating Phil with a kettle. Brock sees this and rushes over, and yanks the person off Phil.

Sam and Dean come in to investigate shortly after. Donna tells them that Phil survived the attack but has unfortunately ended up in a coma. Brock stays at the gym to speak with Sam and Dean. Brock describes the attacker as their scrawny mascot.

After Sam and Dean remove the mask from the attacker, it turns out to be a young woman named Michelle, who they know was possessed. Michelle describes Phil as a hard P.E. coach.

Later in the hospital, a clown enters Phil's room and slits his throat. His monitor goes off as he dies, the clown watching. The clown leaves and enters an elevator with Sam in it. Sam tackles the clown until the spirit leaves. The man underneath is a 60 years old man named Steve Buress.

Fran Hinkle tells Dean that Phil had accused Chester Johnson of crossing the line with the neighborhood children. He and Stan, a former college roommate of his, confronted Chester at his house and found Rita. Before they could do anything, Chester apparently killed himself.

The pair had refused to go the police due to a lack of evidence and not wanting to scare the children. Rita tells Dean and Sam that Phil and Stan had filled her with doubts so after chasing them away on their initial visit, she called Stan back. They promised Rita they would take care of the problem, and Rita promptly told them where Chester was.

Intending to scare Chester a little bit, Phil and Stan held Chester upside down on the side of the bridge. They warned him to stay away from their kids even though he proclaimed his innocence to their allegations. Chester was terrified, and shook so badly Phil and Stan lost their grip, causing Chester to fall to his death.

Phil and Stan told Rita to keep the story a secret, or else they would all go to jail.