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Peter Sweeney was an accidental drowning victim who as vengeful spirit sought vengeance against the relatives of the two men who drowned him.


Early Life[]


Several decades ago, Peter Sweeney was bullied by two other boys, Bill Carlton and Jake Devins who were supposed to be his friends, though he was the smallest among them. One day they decided to hold his head under the water in Lake Manitoc, and before they realized what was happening, it was too late and Peter accidentally drowned. Though Bill and Jake didn't intend to kill him, they covered their tracks by letting his body sink to the bottom of the lake and buried his bike nearby.

Season 1[]

Thirty-five years later, and prompted by the fact that the lake would soon be drained of water, Peter's spirit started to take revenge upon his former "friends" by killing the loved ones closest to Bill and Jake, now grown men, so they would know how his own mother feels. He succeeded in killing a number of their relatives, as well as Bill who was heading out onto the open water of the lake, realizing what Peter wanted. Peter almost managed to kill Jake's daughter Andrea in the bathtub and her son Lucas in the lake. When Bill was killed and Jake offered to trade his life in exchange for his grandson's, Peter accepted the offer and took Jake to the depths of the lake. Peter's spirit was finally laid to rest.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super Strength - Like all ghosts, Sweeney, being incorporeal and able to generate great amounts of force, could drag humans underwater without discomfort and as if he were a powerful water current.
  • Hydrokinesis - Able to manipulate the water in the lake where he drowned, as well as any other water that water mixed with, he used this to kill his victims. Since the plumbing in the surrounding area was connected to the lake where he drowned, he could drown people who were using any system of water, such as a bathtub.