Peter Sheridan was a corrupt detective.


Season 2

Peter Sheridan was a police officer who was involved with Claire Becker, a heroin dealer. He used her to sell heroin that he took from the evidence lockers. Eight months prior, Claire tried to turn him in, so he killed her and hid her corpse. He then proceeded to kill everyone who might have a link with Claire and to whom Claire could have confided something about him.

He arrested Dean Winchester and tried to frame him for all the murders that he himself had committed. However his colleague, Diana Ballard, with whom he was also romantically involved, tracked him down with Sam's help and they confronted him just as he was about to execute Dean. Sheridan tried to convince Diana that he still loved her, but Diana shot him once. Sheridan, though wounded, knocked Diana down and grabbed her gun. Suddenly, the ghost of Claire Becker appeared and distracted Sheridan, allowing Diana to pick up his own gun and shoot him again, killing him this time.[1]



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