Pete Garfinkle was a meat packing plant manager and a member of the Bishop Family.



Pete's father, Barrett Bishop, had an affair with Pete's mother, resulting in his conception. Unlike his half-brother Barrett Bishop Jr., Pete grew up in a "double wide" instead of a mansion and resented his brother for his fortune. Barrett would eventually give Pete the family's meat packing plant, but shortly before it started failing due to outdated equipment. Barrett also began getting rid of the family fortune.

In 2017, desperate for money, Pete breaks into the abandoned family home to look for anything valuable he can sell off and finds the keys to the basement. In the basement, Pete finds the deity Moloch, the source of the Bishop family fortune, trapped in an underground cage in the basement. In exchange for feeding him blood, Moloch promises Pete all of the riches he wants. Feeling he is owed the money and that it is his legacy, Pete agrees.

Season 12Edit

In The Memory Remains, Pete begins his work to feed Moloch by attacking Jarrod Hayes. Wielding a mallet and wearing the costume used by the Bishop family for generations, Pete traps Jarrod using a bag full of money and razor wire. Pete then knocks Jarrod unconscious with the mallet, witnessed by Daryn Boston and takes Jarrod to the meat packing plant where Moloch feeds on him in an abandoned meat locker. After Daryn is late for work again, Pete chastises him then later ambushes Daryn, knocks him out and feeds him to Moloch, both because Moloch needs more blood and in revenge for Daryn talking to the authorities.

While investigating Jarrod and Daryn's disappearances, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester visit the plant where Pete puts on a friendly façade and successfully tricks them into believing that he knows nothing. Later that day, Pete returns to the Bishop family house in hopes of kidnapping Barrett to feed his brother to Moloch, but instead attacks Dean. Pete is able to knock Dean out and traps Sam and Barrett in the basement.

Pete takes Dean to the meat packing plant where he explains his reasoning for his actions. Pete shoves the tied-up Dean into the meat locker to feed him to Moloch and dons the Black Bill costume as Sam and Barrett arrive, having tracked Dean's cellphone. Pete attacks them, knocking Sam to the ground before Barrett pins him down. Removing Pete's mask, Barrett is shocked by Pete's identity, with Pete unrepentant for his actions. Getting the upper hand, Pete shoves Barrett off of him and prepares to kill his half-brother with the Colt which Pete stole from Dean. Before he can kill Barrett, Sam shoots Pete from behind, killing him. Sam then kills Moloch with the Colt.

Following the deaths of Pete and Moloch, the Winchesters offer to help Barrett deal with Pete's body and covering the incident up. Barrett refuses however, feeling that its his duty to take care of it.


While Pete appears to be a kind, friendly man outwardly, inwardly he is consumed by rage over his unfair situation in life to the point of insanity. Pete's insanity is so great that he has no problem murdering innocent people to get the riches promised him by Moloch and feels that his legacy as a Bishop is to kill people or as he puts it, "hunting people, killing them, the family business." Pete also shows an utter lack of repentance or remorse for his actions, indicating a sociopathic or psychopathic nature as well.



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