Cass shifts Sam's condition onto himself

Perception Altering is the ability to control, alter or induce effects up other being's perceptions. This is quite a powerful ability, if used properly.

There are is great variation in the extent of this power, depending on its wielder, at its weakest, it can only create unstable hallucinations, that are easily snapped out of, however at its strongest, it allows the user to have complete control over what the subject (or often subjects) perceive.

Characters with this ability[edit | edit source]

  • Archangels - Lucifer tortured Sam's soul, tainting it with harsh recollection of the situation. Raphael says his torture exceeds Zachariah's, stretching the boundaries of the imagination.
  • Seraphim - Demonstrated by Castiel removing Sam's experiences and the torture of his soul that he endured in Hell. It was stated by Henry Winchester that a soul can heal in time so it is possible Sam's soul is completely healed and recharged. Although after taking on the damage from Sam's mind Castiel remained damaged for many months afterward eventually seeing it as punishment for his actions on Earth and in Heaven.
  • Reapers - Able to create illusions to help persuade the person into going with them.
  • War - Possesses complete control over human perception. He can affect how humans see, smell, and hear him and others. He made the survivors of a town; see, everyone else as being possessed by demons when they weren't. He can do this over a very wide area. He possesses the greatest form of this shown.
  • Wraiths - Can via physical contact alter the perceptions of any person they touch. Normally making them hallucinate or unbalancing them emotionally. Once the wraith is killed the effects go away.
  • Ghosts (Some, Limited) - While not directly of their own manipulation, some ghosts can create supernatural illnesses. For example, the Buruburu can create a form of ghost sickness that make the subject, hysterical, hallucinate, easily frightened and lead to their eventual death. 
  • Djinn - Very powerful beings, Djinn can create a whole fantasy world, which use to either trap their victim so they can suck them dry, or to kill them, as if the person dies in the dream they die in real life (unless it is by their own hand, in which case they wake up). The Djinn's fantasy world is so detailed and realistic, that it even includes a fantasy version of the Djinn who infected them, and a fantasy version of their other victims.
  • Hellhounds - Although more of an effect than a power, upon contact, their targets begin suffering extreme hallucinations.
  • Grigori - Similar to djinns, they can put their victims in the illusion of their own personal heaven while they feed of their souls.
  • Baba Yaga - Created hallucinations to prey on children.
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