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Pax is the demigod son of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck.


At an unknown point, Pax was born to the Roman goddess of luck Fortuna and a human father. When his mother opened up a pool hall in Alaska for people to bet their luck, Pax acted as the manager and the public face of the business.

In 2020, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester visited the pool hall looking to regain the luck God had taken from them. Pax greeted them and after checking Dean's luck, determined it to be about average. Pax then explained the rules of the pool hall to the Winchesters.

After learning from Evie that Pax was Fortuna's son, Sam distracted Pax while Dean came up from behind and held an angel blade to the demigod's neck to draw Fortuna out. Though Dean succeeded in drawing out Fortuna, she refused to negotiate even when Dean threatened Pax's life. Though Fortuna acknowledged that Dean could probably kill the half-human Pax, she didn't care as she could simply have more children, shocking her son. Dean released Pax, though Fortuna later stated that if she won she would kill them, listing their attack on her son as part of the reason.

Powers and Abilities[]

Despite being the demigod son of a powerful goddess, Pax doesn't appear to possess any major abilities of his own.

  • Spell Casting - Pax was able to use magic on Fortuna's coins to tell how much luck Dean possessed.


  • Angel Blades - Fortuna stated that an angel blade probably could kill Pax due to him having a human father. When Dean removed it from his throat, Pax was left with a cut on the side of his neck.