Paul Durban was a co-worker of Sam Wesson at of Sandover Bridge & Iron who committed suicide just two weeks shy of his retirement date.


Paul was working diligently when Sam and Ian stopped by his cubicle to collect him for a coffee break. He turned them down, telling them he was too busy. Ian jokingly reminded him that they got paid by the hour, but Paul humorlessly replied that he was working. As they walked away, Sam commented that he seemed stressed. Ian whispered that Paul was freaked because he'd recently been busted surfing internet porn on the job.


Later, Sam heard anguished cries coming from Paul's cubicle and found him in a state of high anxiety because a day's worth of his work had just been blown away after a reboot. He unsuccessfully tried to convince him to calm down. Paul remained long after everyone else had left for the day and feverishly tried to restore his work, but his efforts only resulted in repeated "No files found" errors. Suddenly, his extreme panic became calm as his breath became visible and he slowly walked to the breakroom. He broke the tines off a plastic fork and shoved the handle into the door latch of the microwave. He set the timer for 10 minutes, stuck his head inside and pressed the cook button.

As the body was removed the next morning, Sam caught the eye of sales director Dean Smith, whom he'd had an awkward elevator conversation with the day before, and they exchanged uneasy looks.


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