Patrick Vance, referred to simply as "Vance" by most, was a magician who died mysteriously during Magic Week in Sioux Falls, Iowa.


Patrick Vance was an unlikeable man. One of the last things he ever did was heckle aging magician Jay as he attempted to entertain a pretty bartender with a card trick, embarrassing him enough to cause him to leave. Shortly thereafter, Vance dropped dead on the street, apparently from ten stab wounds to his torso, although his shirt did not have a single tear.


Vance turned many of his fellow magicians into enemies by stealing any stage effects and closeup techniques that he could get his hands on, according to what his assistant told Sam and Dean. When Dean asked if she'd found anything weird in his things, she said there was a tarot card, the Ten of Swords, which she pulled out of "his precious cape." Weird, she said, because he'd never wanted anything to do with card tricks.


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