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Patrick was a 900-year-old Irish witch that gained immortality by gambling with the years of humans.


Patrick was born in Ireland at least a hundred years before the English invaded. At one point in his life, he discovered and learned witchcraft and poker. He used both to prolong his life, along with his girlfriend Lia.

It was Bobby who first encountered the witch and played against him in poker, originally losing 25 years to his age manipulation spell, which Patrick also used to prolong his life. This caused Dean to search Patrick out. Dean found Patrick in a bar talking to a wealthy man with a young woman on his arm. Dean pulled a gun and brought Patrick to the back room to play him. Dean lost, and they began to look for a way to reverse Patrick's spell.

Patrick stops Lia from harming Dean and Sam, and telling her they're harmless.

So they followed him, and witnessed him steal a car. Later, Patrick caught them in his hotel room and told them it's not the chips doing the magic, but him. Dean tried to play him again, but Patrick refused. Instead, he asked Sam if he wanted to play. Sam refused, and as they were leaving, Patrick gave Sam "the Clap" (Gonorrhea). Sam later returned to play Patrick, and Patrick confronted Sam about cheating after the break. They continued playing when Patrick revealed Dean didn't have much time left. Sam beat him in poker and Dean returned to normal.

Patrick was later forced to play his girlfriend as she wished, and she lost.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality - Claiming to be 900 years old, he thereby is immune to aging and death by old age in particular, which is made evident yet further by his outlook of a young man of about 30.
    • Enhanced Durability - Patrick has shown to be immune to at least a few conventional means of death. He was able to survive being hit by a car traveling at a high speed. It is also suggested that he could survive being shot, as he said to Dean that he would only feel a "tickle"; this however was not confirmed.
  • Magic - Patrick is a highly skilled witch, being able to use magic to age or de-age others through a game of poker.
    • Pyrokinesis - Patrick is able to create and manipulate fire, as seen when he ignited some poker bricks on fire.
    • Biokinesis - By clenching his fist, Patrick was able to make Sam feel an intense pain, forcing him to the ground. He was also able to give Sam a sexually transmitted disease by simply clapping his hands.