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You raised me to do what's right, and this is what's right. If I don't go, people will die.
Patience Turner to James Moseley
in The Bad Place

Patience Turner is the estranged granddaughter of Missouri Moseley.



Patience was born as the granddaughter of psychic Missouri Moseley. Following the death of her mother, her father forced her to cut all ties with Missouri and taught her to believe that Missouri is a fraud who had abandoned them.

At the age of 18, Patience discovered that she had inherited her grandmother's psychic abilities.

Season 13[]

In Patience, she meets Dean Winchester and Jody Mills who were sent by her grandmother to watch out for her and her father who turned them away.

The next day, she began having visions of the future and suffered headaches from them while her behavior was viewed as strange by her peers. She talks with her father about her experiences as he explains his reason for not letting her know the truth of her powers was because of her late mother.

In her room, Patience is sleeping before she wakes up to see the Psychic Attacker who promptly takes her away as she screams alerting her father.

Held captive by the Wraith, Patience asks what it will do with her as he states he will pluck her brain for psychic abilities. Patience says she's not psychic but he rebukes that as her grandmother believed otherwise and taunts her about her death, just as her father, Dean and Jody barge in. The Wraith retreats with Dean and Jody following him while James tries to free his daughter before he is stabbed through the throat by the wraith, to Patience's horror. The Wraith then ambushes Jody and kills her as it goes after Dean who is promptly overpowered and killed. Patience screams at the sight before it is revealed to be a vision of the future for her as the wraith is taunting her as it did previously.

James, Dean, and Jody then barge in the room as the wraith falls back. When James tries to free her, Patience recalls her vision and warns him to move which he does, allowing him to evade the Wraith's attack. James tries to attack it but is overpowered and knocked to the ground as the wraith goes after Jody but Patience warns her of the attack as she tries to fight back before she too is knocked away. When the wraith attacks Dean, the latter overpowers the wraith and kills the Wraith. With everyone alive, Jody asks Patience how she knew what would happen as she replies she may be psychic.

Jody offers Patience a chance

At the Moseley's house, James and Patience return home with Dean and Jody accompany them with Patience speaking to Dean and Jody. She tells them her father gave her the option of living a normal life which he suggested or being a hunter but she is unsure of the path to follow. Dean agrees with her father of having a normal life as one can never get the chance to have it after becoming a hunter. Jody and Patience are surprised by his outlook but Jody gives Patience her number to contact her if she ever faces a dilemma.

During The Bad Place, Patience is contacted by Dean who asks her for help in finding Jack though he brings up his old words for her not to use her powers. Patience brings this up to her father and reveals her doubts of not using her powers to help in hunting. He tells her that if she went down the path of being a Hunter she could never go back to being normal. She hesitates with this and goes back to school and has a vision of Jody holding her adoptive daughter Claire Novak.

Patience with her new friends

In Wayward Sisters, Patience goes to Jody's house and warns her of the impending danger. She soon meets Jody's adopted daughters Alex and Claire Novak while also meeting Kaia Nieves who reveals she is a dream walker.

Patience was shocked and disgusted when Jody and Annie performed an autopsy on Cloaked Figures.

Patience slowly saw she was in over head and started thinking her father was right and nearly left as Claire criticized her choice.

A short time later, she predicted that the Cloaked Figures were about to attack and argued with Claire to retreat which they ended up doing. As Claire left cameras in the house, they watched the attack on the house from her phone were in complete shock as stern Patience asked if she believed in her powers now.

Patience drove them to Jody and she met Donna Hanscum who brought necessary weapons to fight off the monsters as they realized the rift Sam Winchester and Dean went through was still open.

Patience went to the boat yard the rift was located at and was given a gun though was reluctant to hold it. Despite her fear, she held off the monsters by barricading a path but when one nearly broke through she killed it by shooting it. She was left in shock before Alex jolted her back to her wits.

While Claire and Kaia went to the Bad Place, Patience joined the others in holding off the cloaked figures. When Dean, Sam and Claire returned the group realized Kaia was killed in the other world which caused Claire to break down. Patience watched as Claire started crying in Jody's arms does Patience realize that what she saw in her vision was true, only it wasn't Claire that needed saving.

That night, she joined her new friends at dinner at Jody's house. As the others mentioned the acts at the boatyard, Patience mentioned that she killed a monster as they all laughed and Alex welcomed her into the family.

Season 14[]

In The Scar, Jody mentions that Patience is at school and that she has been raising her. Jody also implies that Patience has become a hunter through her comment to the Winchesters about raising three hunters.

Season 15[]

In Galaxy Brain, while joking with Alex on the phone about dinner, Jody questions if it was made by Alex or Patience.

In Inherit the Earth, Patience appears in the flashback sequence at the end.

Powers and Abilities[]

Patience is a psychic with powerful abilities.

  • Precognition - Patience would occasionally get flashes of the future that she would dismiss as deja vu. Patience also got a premonition showing that a Wraith would attack her, though the attack did not occur in the same manner as the vision. She later received a detailed vision of what would happen moments before it did, allowing Patience to change the outcome. Patience continued to have visions showing her things that would happen. She stated that the visions were usually small things "a conversation, what someone will be wearing the next day."