Pat Fremont was the grandfather of the demon Lilith's temporary vessel.

History Edit

Pat and his family resided in New Harmony, Indiana. The demon Lilith took possession of Pat's granddaughter, killed the babysitter and the family pet, and held the rest of the family captive.

While Mr. and Mrs. Fremont tried their hardest to please the demon, Pat sneaked a message asking for help to his neighbor, Tom, while he was out getting the mail. He was unaware that his neighbor was also possessed by a demon.

While everyone was gathered at the dining table, Lilith confronted Pat about his actions. Despite his insistence that he loved her and would never betray her, Lilith called him a "big fat liar" and proclaimed she no longer liked him. With a flick of her hand, she snapped Pat's neck, killing him.

Appearances Edit

Season 3

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