These two unnamed young girls are fans of Paris Hilton.


Sheriff Carnegie calls Sam and Dean following a report by two women. He is confused by their situation and tells Sam and Dean he doesn't know what happened to them. He directs the brothers to go speak to the women themselves.

Sam and Dean Winchester enter the interview room to find the two women sitting at a table, crying. Dean tells them they're FBI agents and want to know what happened. The women agree that what they experienced was horrible, horrible enough that they can't believe it. They are hesitant to explain their situation but admit "she" took Danielle.

When Sam and Dean ask who took their friend, the women finally admit that it was Paris Hilton. Sam and Dean are dumbfounded, then the women proceed to talk about how good Paris looked, calling her "skinny and fast".

Sam and Dean are forced to accept their testimony and leave the room.



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