Paris Whitney Hilton (b. February 17, 1981) is an American model, actress, singer and television personality.


Three superfans of Paris Hilton suddenly encounter their idol. Their joy is short-lived when Paris kidnaps one of them leading the other two to report the incident to the police.

When Sam and Dean Winchester learn about this, they come to the conclusion that the ghosts of famous people aren't coming back to kill their superfans since Paris Hilton is not dead. They eventually discover that Leshi has been assuming the form of famous people in order to take their fans as sacrifices.

Sam and Dean encounter Leshi in Paris Hilton's form. It is Sam who kills it by beheading with an axe.

Sheriff Rick Carnegie, meanwhile, puts out an APB on Paris Hilton. Leshi's intended victim, Danielle, also swears herself off of The Simple Life, a television series in which Paris starred in.



  • Of the three famous people Leshi assumes the form of, only Paris Hilton is portrayed by herself since Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi are dead, both having been assassinated.
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