Paper Moon is the 4th episode of Season 10. It aired on October 28th, 2014.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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A recent string of werewolf attacks points to a surprising culprit – Kate (guest star Brit Sheridan), the werewolf Sam and Dean let live.


Sam and Dean take a break from hunting and relax by a lake. While the two are determined to take their minds off recent events, they ultimately decide to check on a case in Durham, Washington, where a string of bodies have been described as having their throats slashed and their hearts extracted.

Upon getting information on the cases they came to suspect a werewolf is involved. Eventually they are able to track the beast to a farm, where they find dead chickens that have been partially eaten. Going into the bar Dean finds a woman talking to someone on the phone; she senses Dean behind her and runs straight into Sam—and the brothers are shocked to discover she is Kate, the werewolf they let go two years earlier.

Both are disappointed Kate could not ignore her werewolf urges like she claimed she would. While briefly confused by their comments, Kate willingly confesses she was the one who committed the actions, saying she ultimately did not have the will to carry out a normal life. Dean prepares to shoot her, but Sam stops him: he feels that Dean is not emotionally ready for such a thing, though Dean feels otherwise. While they argue Kate is able to free herself and runs away. Having taken her phone, Dean and Sam are able to trace her to a hotel she is staying at.

While in the car Dean asks Sam about his doubts over Dean killing Kate. When he brings up Dean's demonic activities, Dean matter-of-factly retorts by reminding Sam of his own actions in his attempts to find Dean (such as his tricking Lester into selling his soul), suggesting Sam is not to judge. Neither is yet willing to go into that discussion yet, so they let the issue drop.

The following morning they apparently see her leaving the hotel and walking after a man. When they hold her at gunpoint, however, they discover a different woman who feigns ignorance on what they want; when their guard is let down as they test her, she attacks, revealing herself as a werewolf. Before she can kill either one of them, Kate appears and stops her, though she won't let Dean kill her. Kate reveals the woman is her sister Tasha, who she confesses to turning. Furious by her action, they take her to a cafe so she can explain.

Sitting down Kate reveals she carries a silver blade around with the choice of killing herself should she lose control, but Dean remains skeptical she would actually go through with it. Kate says that after becoming a werewolf she tried to avoid her family, knowing she could never explain what had happened to her. She became lonely as a result, and when she discovered Tasha had been in a fatal car accident, she went to the hospital with the sole intention of saying goodbye. But her desire for companionship caused her to make a decision of poor judgment: she turned Tasha so she could leave and took her with the intention of teaching her to be a werewolf without the urges of killing. However, Tasha did not take to the teachings: Kate returned to her hotel and was horrified to find Tasha had killed a woman. Despite this, she tried to help Tasha, rationalizing that since she is the one to turn Tasha, she is responsible. She firmly believes she can help her sister if given the chance, but Dean feels she does not have the willingness to kill her sister should things go too far. He then claims to have a cure for lycanthropy, but Kate will have to lead them to Tasha. Kate believes them, though Sam is uncomfortable with the lie.

While on the way to a cabin where Tasha would go to, Dean and Sam have another discussion about whethere either of them are truly ready for hunting, as they both have to face their actions they committed. Once arriving at the cabin, Dean handcuffs Kate to the car, revealing their deception. While Kate is furious they are not giving her sister another chance, Dean sharply retorts that when a person commits terrible acts, they can't come back from them, as they are too far gone. They leave a pleading Kate in the car as they head in, guns at the ready. Sam finds Tasha in her room. She is unafraid that he will shoot... because she has two allies with her. The brothers are held at gunpoint by werewolves who Tasha turned, creating her own pack.

Kate comes in and is shocked to see what Tasha has done. Tasha is remorseless, instead being buoyed by the power she now has as a werewolf. She wants Kate to kill Sam and eat his heart as a sign she is with the pack, but Kate refuses. Tasha has the men take Sam and Dean out of the room so she can convince her sister of their new cause, though Sam and Dean are eventually able to dispose of them.

At the same time Tasha tries to no avail to get Kate interested in the life of an unhinged werewolf, though Kate feigns it long enough to tell her sister she loves her. They hug before Kate stabs an off-guard and stunned Tasha with the silver blade. Upset with her action she leaves before Sam and Dean can find her.

Later on Kate calls them from a phone booth. They agree that so long as Kate keeps her promise to not kill humans, they will leave her alone. Kate acknowledges she can not honestly promise not to, but hopes she can stay strong. The brothers talk about their issues and Dean explains that it doesn't matter to him whether he is ready to hunt; he wants to do something good to make up for the bad things he has done.


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  • Antagonists: Tasha, Travis and Brandon
  • The song in the beginning "Werewolves of London" is by Warren Zevon.
  • Sam is called "Paul Bunyan" by Kate's sister. Jared's character on Gilmore Girls, Dean Forester, was also referred to as Paul Bunyan.
  • Sam's arm was broken by a demon prior to his searching for Dean.
  • In the beginning of the episode when Sam and Dean are drinking and taking a break from hunting, when the camera zooms out on the boys, a sign says "Posted. No Hunting."


  • Kate: But she can be saved.
  • Dean: No. Tasha's in too deep. You don't ever come back from that. Not ever.

  • Dean: Oh well, where do we start? Logging.
  • Sam: Icecaps.
  • Dean: Bitcoin... Obama.

(Bitcoin is an online currency. The reference to Obama relates to the tendency of many people to blame president Obama for anything that goes wrong - from bad weather to werewolf attacks apparently.)


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Supernatural 10x04 Promo "Paper Moon" (HD)

Supernatural 10x04 Promo "Paper Moon" (HD)


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