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Paeon's caduceus is the caduceus belonging to the god Paeon that was created during The Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.


When Paeon first Manifests in Doctor Lena Nguyen's practice, he uses the caduceus to heal David Roseman of his terminal cancer in exchange for David and his husband Thomas swearing their allegiance to him. Paeon goes on to use the caduceus to heal people of their injuries and ailments in exchange for them becoming Bound to him which they accomplish by touching the caduceus.

When Blight attacks, Paeon uses the caduceus to block the blows from Blight's club, but is unable to defeat him. When Lena suggests that Paeon use fire against Blight, Paeon uses the caduceus to set Bill Wright on fire, enabling him to defeat Blight and kill him with his own club. When Lena continually protests his treatment of Bill, Paeon uses the caduceus, now with a black glow, to inflict every cancer known to humankind and a few not yet discovered upon her and then to heal Lena when she promises to follow his every instruction without question or hesitation.

After defeating two more gods, Paeon uses the caduceus to heal a woman's infected tattoo, resulting in the caduceus changing the tattoo to show the Mythmaker Renee Mendez creating Paeon. Paeon is able to then use the caduceus to extend his link with Renee to Lena to give Lena a "homing beacon" to find her. While Lena is gone, Paeon begins using the caduceus to transform his followers into "ultimate humans," giving them enhanced strength, speed and regenerative powers. During his confrontation with Flare, Paeon uses the power of the caduceus to rearrange Flare's internal organs, enabling him to easily defeat her.

During the final confrontation between Paeon and Adamantine, Paeon holds the caduceus to Adamantine's forehead in the battle of raw power. After much of their power is stripped by Renee Mendez, Paeon drops the caduceus in favor of grabbing Wyld's spear, believing it to be Adamantine's weapon and attacking her with it. Adamantine retaliates by digging the sharp fingers of her gauntlet into Paeon's throat and electrocuting him while grabbing the caduceus. Adamantine drives the caduceus through Paeon's right eye and into his brain, killing him. Paeon and his caduceus then turn into a white sphere the flies into Adamantine, granting her Paeon's power.


The caduceus is a ten-inch long golden rod. It has a pair of intertwined serpents wrapped around it and two small wings protruding from the top.

When Paeon uses the caduceus for a beneficial reason, it is shown to glow golden. However, when it is used for a malicious reason, the caduceus lets off a black glow.


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