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Paeon is a god of healing created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois named after the physican of the gods from Greek Pantheon.


During the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois, Paeon is created by Mythmaker Renee Mendez to serve the role of a god of healing.

After his creation, Paeon Manifests in the clinic of Doctor Lena Nguyen who is in the middle of telling Thomas and David Roseman that Thomas' cancer has returned and is trying to get Thomas to accept treatment despite the high likelihood that it won't work. After sensing Thomas' cancer, Paeon draws his caduceus and offers to cure Thomas's cancer if Thomas will swear allegiance to him and come when Paeon calls for him. Thomas agrees to Paeon's terms with Lena sensing that Paeon is psychically willing Thomas to agree. However, despite having reservations about coercing a patient into treatment, she is unable to make herself to say anything to stop him. Having obtained Thomas's consent, Paeon touches his caduceus to Thomas's chest for several seconds, causing a golden light to spread from it into Thomas and cure him of his ailment.

After Thomas is cured, David also accepts to the touch of the caduceus in exchange for his allegiance and the two promise to go out and tell people about Paeon and what he is capable of which pleases Paeon. Though Lena expresses skepticism to Paeon's ability to heal lung cancer so easily, Paeon recognizes that as a doctor, it is one of her most important tools, but reassures Lena that Thomas is indeed cured. Paeon admits that he doesn't know how long his servants will live since he is still so new at this.

After Paeon confirms that he can heal any illness with his caduceus, Lena tells him that she has a lot of patients for him to see and asks if Paeon is willing to help them. Paeon confirms that he is, stating that it is the reason he came to Lena's practice. However, Paeon warns that he will only do so if the patients give him their allegiance. When Lena questions what people might have that someone like Paeon with all of his power would need, Paeon takes on a darker look and explains that a war is coming to Lena's town that can only have a single victor. Paeon intends to win this war and will need all of the "allies" he can get as quickly as he can get them.

Paeon offers to let Lena join his "allies" and holds the caduceus out to her, using its power to influence her towards accepting despite Lena recognizing what he is doing and the fact that he changed the word "servants" to "allies" to make her feel better. Knowing the potential healing power of the caduceus, Lena accepts Paeon's offer even with her misgivings, seeing being Paeon's servant or ally as her best way to help her patients. After Lena touches his caduceus, the pleased Paeon suggests that they get to work.

Paeon subsequently explains to Lena how his kind are born with a certain amount of knowledge and have to learn everything else through experience. Paeon further tells Lena that his existence and the other gods like him is temporary and that they must fight each other to the death, the winner absorbing the loser's strength until the sole survivor achieves Apotheosis: ascension to true godhood and a permanent immortal existence. Paeon further tells Lena how each god gains followers that are Bound to them and make them stronger, but the people can switch allegiances making it a competition for worshippers as well.

After Lena's staff become his followers, Paeon begins treating numerous people who come to Lena's clinic for his help, many of whom seem to be drawn to his presence either by instinct or a silent summons that Paeon sends out. Each time Paeon heals someone and gains them as a worshipper, the stronger he gets from the emotional energy that the people feed Paeon with Paeon getting more from people who have more serious injuries that he heals.

After healing a young girl's broken arm, Paeon is introduced to a man named Bill Wright who has heard about the things Paeon has done and asks to become Bound to him. Bill then reveals that he is already Bound to another god and is reassured by Paeon that he can switch alliegences, that it is allowed and that all Bill has to do is wish it. Bill reveals that it won't be so easy for him and shows Lena and Paeon a grayish-green fungus on his chest that was inflicted upon Bill by his god, Blight.

Paeon is disgusted by Blight's actions and assures Bill that he is nothing like the creature that would do such a thing to a man. Bill begs Paeon for help with removing the growth, telling Paeon of his unsuccessful and painful efforts to remove it. Paeon admits that the gods do all that they can to hold onto what is there's, but promises to do all that he can to help Bill. To Paeon's annoyance, Lena prompts Bill to explain why he wishes to switch allegiances and Bill tells them that Blight wants to bring people together by marking them with the growth on his chest, but he recognizes that Paeon truly wishes to help people, satisfying Lena.

Drawing his caduceus, Paeon warns Bill that helping him won't be easy as Paeon will have to counter Blight's power with his own and it will be quite painful for Bill. Though scared, Bill agrees to let Paeon do whatever he has to do while Lena suggests giving him something for the pain. However, Paeon warns that nothing Lena has will counteract the pain that he is about to inflict upon Bill nor would any Earthly remedy work because Bill's condition is not an Earthly condition. Despite Paeon's warnings, Bill states that he understands and is ready.

After Bill relaxes on the table, Paeon scans him with the caduceus for several moments and doesn't like what he finds. Paeon has Lena hold Bill down and then begins the procedure despite a scared Bill telling him that he doesn't think that he is ready. With the caduceus glowing brighter than ever before, Paeon slams it into Bill's chest, telling Lena over Bill's screams that he is trying to free the man. Paeon struggles against Blight's power to keep the caduceus inside of Bill's body and then begins to pull the caduceus out of him, pulling the growth with it. Paeon raises the caduceus higher and higher into the air, pulling the fungus not just from the man's skin, but from within his body as well. Finally, as the fungus fights his hold on it, Paeon flings it into a corner of the room with a roar that is as much animal as human with the fungus ending up in a big grayish-green mound that is about as big as Bill himself.

After checking with Lena on Bill's condition, Paeon orders Lena to take care of Bill and turns to the mound of fungus. Addressing the mound, Paeon orders it to drop the act as he knows who it really is. The mound turns into a humanoid figure that introduces itself as Blight. Blight brushes off Paeon's questions on whether Bill knew that he carried the god and Paeon and Blight explain to Lena that Blight wishes to challenge him and since he hasn't left the building all night, Blight decided to come to Paeon. Paeon is shocked when Lena asks why Blight didn't just attack while Paeon was distracted and the two gods explains that its just not the way its done. Paeon tells Blight that he is there, they might as well get the fight over with so Paeon can return to treating his patients. Blight compliments Paeon in return on his setup at the practice where he heals people who are then so grateful that they practically beg to worship Paeon, thus providing him with an easy source of worshippers.

Though Paeon tries to take the fight outside the building, Blight refuses as he doesn't care if the humans in the building get hurt. Blight begins the ritual to challenge Paeon, but Paeon refuses to complete it and Blight attacks him, hitting Paeon in the head with his club. The blow knocks Paeon into the wall where he manages to steady himself, but Blight attacks again with his club before Paeon can retaliate. Paeon is able to duck Blight's second blow, causing Blight to smash through the wall and fall into the hallway outside. Healing his head injury, Paeon instructs Lena to stab Bill as the only way that she can help him before heading into the hallway to continue his fight with Blight. The two gods fight in the hallway with Blight attempting to hit Paeon with his club again, but each time, Paeon is able to block the blows with his caduceus.

After Lena stabs Bill, an enraged Blight knocks Paeon aside and rushes back into the exam room to attack Lena. As Blight goes to crush Lena's skull with his club, Paeon, now mussed hair, sweat pouring off of him and torn clothes that has gray-green stains on them, rushes into the room and grabs Blight in a headlock. With Blight struggling to break Paeon's grip, Paeon orders Lena to flee while he can hold Blight back. While the two gods struggle, Lena suddenly comes up with the idea to use fire against Blight and calls out the idea to Paeon. After realizing what Lena means, Paeon uses his caduceus to set Bill on fire and then spins Blight and shoves him onto the burning Bill. The fungus that makes up Blight's body goes up in flames, giving Paeon the chance to retrieve Blight's club and stab it through both god and man, killing them. With Blight dead, Paeon puts out the fire Bill's body is emanating and Blight's body transforms into a sphere of white light that flies into Paeon, giving him Blight's power and healing his injuries from the fight.

Satisfied with the result, Paeon turns to Lena and admits that while the result was a little closer than he would've liked, he didn't do so bad for his first battle. Lena demands that Paeon do something about Bill, but Paeon admits that Bill is dead and thus beyond his power, showing no remorse for what he did to the man. After Lena confronts Paeon about setting Bill on fire, he points out that it was her idea and explains that his ability to affect the physiology of the other gods is currently limited but he was able to rapidly heat the oxygen in Bill's cells which provided the desired effect. As Lena grows more irate, Paeon begins to lose his temper and tells Lena that Bill may have been willingly aiding Blight and his sacrifice means that Paeon can continue helping people. However, Lena refuses to listen to Paeon's argument, feeling that it's not a sacrifice if the person can't choose it.

Having had enough of arguing with Lena, Paeon decides to check on the rest of the staff and patients, though he doesn't think that they were injured in the fight. However, Lena refuses to listen to Paeon, stating that she thought he was a god but instead he is really just a monster. Asking who said that Paeon couldn't be both, he uses his caduceus to inflict upon Lena every kind of cancer known to humankind and a few not yet discovered. Lena begs Paeon to make the pain stop and he demands of her that she follow his every order from now on without question or hesitation. Once Lena agrees, Paeon heals her, but leaves Lena with the memory of the agony that he inflicted upon her. Paeon helps Lena up and as they head back to work, orders her to have someone remove Bill's body and to open some windows to help get rid of the smell.

Over the next several hours, Paeon heals dozens of people who all pledge their allegiance to him. During this time, he also suffers attacks from gods named Silence and The Degrader who give Paeon just as much trouble as Blight had. Paeon manages to kill both gods, absorbing their power and claiming their worshippers as his own.

Eventually, Paeon becomes frustrated because he feels that things are going too slow even with the three gods that he has defeated and all of the worshippers that he has gained. Paeon explains to Lena that so far all he has been doing is reacting. When someone ill or injured comes to him, Paeon heals them and when a god challenges him, he fights them. However, Paeon feels that he can't win true Apotheosis by passive and as such, he must become aggressive.

Paeon then enters the next examination room where he greets with a bored glance, a forced smile and a flat tone a young woman named Tera whose tattoo is bothering her. Paeon offers to fix her tattoo in exchange for her allegiance and Tera coming when he calls her, but he does so without enthusiasm, like an actor who has grown bored with his role. When Paeon attempts to heal Tera's tattoo with his caduceus, the procedure instead causes Tera pain. When a curious Paeon checks the tattoo, he finds that the irritation has disappeared, but the original image is changing and eventually becomes an image of Paeon's creation. Paeon's interest is drawn by the tattoo and he explains to Tera that the change is an unintended side effect. Though Paeon offers to restore the correct tattoo for her, Tera refuses as the image is so important to Paeon personally and chooses to keep it instead.

Once Tera is gone, Paeon explains to Lena that as he defeats other gods, he grows stronger. Paeon's caduceus, an extension of his power, used Tera's tattoo to send him a message: an image of his own creation. Sensing Lena's conflicted emotions, Paeon orders Lena to calm herself and admits that he doesn't know what the Mythmaker is exactly, but he can sense that she is the key to his victory over the other gods. Invigorated by this development, Paeon states his intention to go out into the streets to find people who need healing rather than wait for them to come to him. And rather than just heal their issues, Paeon will now make them permanently strong and healthy, resistant to all disease and injury, in effect, ultimate humans. In this way, when the final battle occurs, Paeon can ensure that he has an army of unbeatable soldiers.

Paeon warns Lena that this new army of soldiers will not be enough and he will also need his creator by his side. Pressing his will upon her, Paeon tells Lena that she is the only one that he can trust to find the Mythmaker and bring her back to him. Paeon explains that he senses that if he does not have his creator with him when the final battle is finished, even if he defeats every other god in town, he shall still fail. Paeon uses the caduceus to extend his link with the Mythmaker to Lena so that she can sense her location and find the girl for Paeon. Lena realizes that Paeon is sending her because, while he has grown stronger, he isn't confident that he's strong enough to face the Mythmaker yet. Paeon warns Lena that other gods will soon become aware of the Mythmaker's existence if they haven't already and will send their own agents to get her, meaning that Lena must hurry to get their first. Lena quickly departs to follow Paeon's instructions, but ultimately fails to get the Mythmaker, Renee, first as Geoffrey Ramsey, Adamantine's priest gets there and gets Renee before Lena can.

Following Lena's departure, Paeon enhances the staff of Lena's clinic into ultimate humans, giving them enhanced strength, speed and healing capabilities. Paeon then takes his followers and begins walking through the streets of Corinth, enhancing everyone he encounters and then asking them if they wish to Bind themselves to him. With Paeon's enhancements having the side effect of effectively drugging the people he enhances due to their massively elevated hormone levels, everyone agrees to become Bound to him, vastly increasing Paeon's number of worshippers. Amongst those he manages to bind to himself is the local sheriff and his deputies despite Sheriff Deacon's previous skepticism in regards to the gods emerging in his town. Thanks to all of his followers and the three gods he killed, Paeon's power grows exponentially stronger, making him one of the most powerful gods in Corinth.

Shortly after Lena returns to him, having failed to retrieve Renee, Paeon is attacked by another god named Flare. Flare blasts Paeon with a powerful fireball that instantly engulfs him in a blazing-hot inferno. Paeon lets out an inhuman scream so strong that it causes the very ground to shake. As the flames die down, Paeon's scream stops as does the ground shaking. Finally, the flames disappear altogether, leaving Paeon burned to such a degree that it was impossible to tell his flesh from his clothes. However, despite the excruciating pain that he's in, Paeon is able to remain standing. As Flare crosses the street towards him, Paeon pries back the burned part of his chest containing his caduceus and retrieves the object which has also been charred by Flare's fireball. Paeon uses the caduceus to heal himself of his burns from Flare, drawing on energy from his followers to do so, causing several to become so weak that they have to lean on each other to remain standing and a few even pass out.

As Flare goes to throw a firey punch at Paeon, he lungs forward and jams his caduceus into her sternum and rearranges Flare's internal organs. The excruciating pain from Paeon's attack causes Flare the flames on Flare's fists to go out, Flare to grip her belly, take several steps backwards, fall to her knees, her chin fall to her chest and the fire on her head to go out, revealing Flare's copper circlet. Standing over Flare with a smile that's an unsettling mixture of compassion and satisfied cruelty, Paeon amplifies his voice so that everyone can hear him before he begins speaking. Paeon taunts Flare that it was poor form for her to have not said the words and he would allow her to now, but with her internal organs rearranged, she's probably not capable of speech anymore.

Paeon removes Flare's copper circlet from head and examines it, admiring the craftsmanship to it while allowing Flare to continue to suffer unendurable agony from her rearranged organs as he does so. Finally, Paeon decides that if Flare isn't going to say the words, he has no need to either. Paeon raise the copper circlet high into the air before slamming it onto the top of Flare's head, shattering her skull and killing Flare. Flare's body and circlet then turn into a sphere of white light that flies into Paeon, giving him Flare's power and once more increasing his own exponentially.

As Paeon and his followers celebrate his victory, Adamantine arrives with her own followers and has her priest Geoffrey Ramsey announce her. Paeon and Adamantine perform the ritual to challenge each other and began to power up against each other with the power they give off becoming painful to the humans near them. Finally, when it seems like the power Paeon and Adamantine are releasing will turn into an explosion, the two gods back down and stop their power-up against each other. Paeon suggests that he and Adamantine are too evenly matched which she agrees with. Paeon points out that if they fight now, they will only be wasting energy that they will need for the final battle which Adamantine agrees seems likely to be happening between them. The two argue about the fact that there are still a few other gods still alive and how one of them may end up facing one of them in the final battle.

Paeon tells Adamantine that he can smell the Mythmaker on her and knows that Admantine has her even if she is not currently with Adamantine. Adamantine becomes angry and warns Paeon not to attempt to take the Mythmaker from her. Paeon assures Adamantine that he has no intention of doing so, knowing that Adamantine will keep the Mythmaker safe until the final battle. Knowing that Adamantine is undoubtedly holding the Mythmaker at her temple, Paeon suggests that they hold the final battle there to make matters simpler. After considering it, Adamantine concedes that fighting later will give them both time to increase their power so that they can complete the Apotheosis at last. Though Lena warns Paeon that this could mean that one of them will be stronger than the other when the time comes, Paeon is pleased by this and confirms that this is the idea. Lena becomes worried that the stronger god could be Adamantine instead of Paeon, causing Paeon to gently acknowledge her concern but remind Lena that in the end there will be One.

Despite Geoffrey's own misgivings, Adamantine agrees to Paeon's proposal. With only a small number of their siblings left alive and bound to seek them out as Paeon and Adamantine seek out the other gods, she predicts that they will be done by dawn. Paeon is pleased by the idea of fighting at dawn and asks for the location of Adamantine's temple. After a moment, Adamantine identities it as a local business called TechEdge which Lena confirms to know. Paeon then leaves with Lena and his followers to seek out the remaining gods before the final battle.

At a twenty-four hour pharmacy two blocks from his encounter with Adamantine, Paeon begins transforming more men, women and children into "ultimate humans" and Binding them to gather more followers for the final battle. As Paeon finishes, he finds Lena talking with Sam Winchester who she introduces as someone interested in joining them. Though Sam worries that Paeon will be able to tell that he's a hunter and kill him, Paeon fails to detect the truth and winks at Sam as he tells Lena that he hopes she's been telling Sam positive things about them. However, Sam detects a threatening undertone to the message and realizes that Paeon is warning Lena that she'd have better only been saying good things about him. Sam, wanting to stay close to Lena in hopes of finding a way to stop the Apotheosis, agrees and Paeon transforms him. When Paeon performs the transformation, he senses that Sam has lived quite a dangerous life as Sam's body shows signs of suffering numerous injuries over the years, some of them quite serious. After fighting through the intoxicating effect the transformation has on him, Sam lies that he was into extreme sports when he was younger and got banged up a lot. Paeon and Lena both accept the explanation and Paeon assures Sam that he is now better than new.

Before Paeon can speak to Sam any further, another god, a nine-foot tall humanoid lizard, arrives to challenge Paeon with several dozen followers. Paeon wins the fight, killing the god and over the next several hours, kills five more. With no more gods arriving to challenge him, Paeon and his followers, now numbering well over a hundred, retreat to a small park to wait for dawn to arrive. As they wait, Paeon walks amongst his followers, chatting with them, laying his hands on their shoulders and smiling and laughing. He also occasionally Binds and transforms a new follower that arrives to join him. With dawn fast approaching, Lena contacts the people left behind at her practice and who went home to spread the word to gather at TechEdge for the final battle. Sensing the sunrise, Paeon announces to his followers that it's time and they cheer before heading out for the final battle of the Apotheosis between Paeon and Adamantine.

Paeon and his followers make their way to TechEdge where they are joined by dozens of others armed with various weapons, making up a massive army prepared to face off with the army of Adamntine's followers. Now the last two gods left, Paeon and Adamantine face off with their armies massed behind them as the first rays of dawn tinge the horizon. Both gods are pleased that they are the last two left to fight each other to determine who will be the One. As their armies of followers attack each other, Paeon raises his caduceus at Adamantine, glowing with dark energy, while Adamantine raises Wyld's spear, glowing with electricity, at him. The two enter a contest of sheer power with Paeon putting his caduceus against Adamantine's forehead and Adamantine impaling the spear into Paeon's left shoulder, fighting at a level of raw, naked power rather than physical combat. The power the gods throw at each other causes an energy sphere to form around them with a nimbus of their energies. Watching the battle, Lena realizes that the gods are locked in a war of energies and all the strength they'd taken from the other gods they killed and all the energies provided by their worshipers around them are their weapons in this battle. Recognizing just how evil both gods truly are, Lena retrieves a shotgun and unloads it into the sphere of energy without luck. In response, the energy sphere sends out a tentacle made up of Paeon and Adamantine's combined energies that coils around Lena with the intention of killing her. Using the electrical powers granted to him by Adamantine, Dean blasts the tentacle, using up almost all of his power before the tentacle finally releases her. Though the energy tentacle stops Lena's heart, Dean manages to revive her with the remainder of his electrical powers.

As the battle between the gods continues, Paeon and Adamantine begin drawing on their followers for extra power to fight each other with, causing their followers who are still alive to collapse around them. In order to stop Paeon and Adamantine, Sam requests that Renee Mendez, the Mythmaker that created the gods, try to use her power to uncreate them. As the Winchesters collapse from having their energy drained by the two gods, Renee begins attempting to uncreate Paeon and Adamantine, causing the energy sphere around them to flicker several times. Finally, Renee's efforts causes the sphere to disappear, making the confused Paeon and Adamantine step away from each other. Paeon and Adamantine are left significantly depowered by Renee's efforts, no longer radiating power and strength and looking more like humans in costumes than gods. Adamantine tells the Winchesters, Lena, Geoffrey and Renee that while it was a clever attempt, they have grown much since they were born and are much too powerful to be gotten rid of so easily. However, Dean recognizes that Paeon and Adamantine have drained enough of their followers' life force to prevent themselves from being erased.

Before anyone can recover, Paeon drops his caduceus, lunges towards Adamantine, grabs her spear and impales it through her chest, declaring victory as the One. However, Geoffrey informs Paeon that it was only a trophy, having been taken from Wyld after Adamantine killed the other god. As Paeon starts to ask Geoffrey what he means, Adamantine sinks the fingers of her gauntlet, her true weapon, into Paeon's throat and electrocutes him. Still holding onto Paeon's throat, Adamantine crouches, forcing Paeon down with her. Retrieving Paeon's caduceus from where he dropped it, Adamantine drives it through Paeon's right eye and into Paeon's brain. Released and blood pouring from his wounds, Paeon stumbles backwards, clawing at the caduceus but unable to dislodge it. Paeon turns to give Lena one last unreadable look before dying and turning into a sphere of white energy that merges with Adamantine. However, while Adamantine was able to kill Paeon, she herself is killed shortly thereafter by Sam and Dean before she can kill Renee and absorb her power, preventing there from being a victor in the Apotheosis and ending it.

Physical Appearance

Paeon is described as being beautiful in the way that an ancient Greek statue is. He has curly black hair, high cheekbones, a strong chin, full lips and startling blue eyes that are so bright they seem to glow with an internal light. He wears a white lab coat so white that it practically glows with Paeon's name stitched onto the left breast in blue thread the same color as his eyes. Paeon wears a white shirt under his coat along with a red tie that has a design made from various medical instruments. Paeon wears black pants and shoes so dark that they seem to draw in and swallow the light around them.

Paeon is tall, but more than that, his entire body, facial features included, are larger than an average man's. He exudes an aura of strength and power that fill the room, a raw energy like the air feels before the arrival of a massive thunderstorm. Paeon also carries a caduceus he uses to channel his power through.


Outwardly, Paeon presents an air of kindness and a desire to help others, emulating his appearance as a doctor. He shows a very friendly demeanor towards patients and claims to want to enhance humanity and make it reach its full potential by making people "ultimate humans," free of disease and with enhanced abilities. When treating a little girl, he performs an examination of her broken arm after healing it despite the examination being unnecessary just to put the little girl and her mother at ease.

In reality, Paeon is a manipulative and cruel monster who carefully hides behind his façade of kindness. Blight suggests that Paeon's choice of using Doctor Lena Nguyen's practice to find worshippers is part of this since Paeon knows that people will be lining up to join him if he can cure their aliments. Paeon's façade slips to show the true personality beneath in times of extreme anger or frustration, such as when Lena questions him on his setting a man on fire to kill Blight, resulting in Paeon inflicting cancer upon her and threatening to inflict all different types of diseases as punishment. An early indicator of his true personality is Paeon originally calling his worshippers his servants, but then quickly switching to using the word allies. He is also known to use mind control to influence people into joining him, even effectively drugging people when he turns them into "ultimate humans."

Though Paeon originally hides behind his façade, his true personality shows itself more and more towards the end of the Apotheosis, to the point that even Lena betrays him when she sees him for what he really is. Sam Winchester recognizes that a true healer would refuse to fight or at least refuse to let anyone else get involved, but instead, Paeon throws his hundreds of followers into danger in his power hungry state where he is desperate to become the One and to rule.

Unlike Adamantine, Paeon treats his priest Doctor Lena Nguyen with kindness unless Lena angers him. Most of this is just manipulation, but Paeon appears to be genuinely hurt when Lena betrays him after seeing his true nature. Paeon's last action is to give Lena an unreadable look before he dies and is absorbed by Adamantine.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his influence over the body and all of the power he absorbed from the other gods he killed, Paeon is an exceptionally powerful god.

  • Life Force Draining - Like all of the other gods, Paeon can drain life force from his followers to increase his own power. By the time Renee Mendez tries to unmake Paeon and Adamantine, he has absorbed enough life force from his followers that he isn't destroyed, but just severely weakened.
  • Biokinesis - Paeon's main power is to manipulate the physiology of a body. At first, his power is limited to humans, but as he grows stronger, he can use his power on other gods as well. His ability to manipulate a being's physiology manifests in a number of ways and all are channeled through Paeon's caduceus.
    • Healing - Paeon can use his power to heal injuries and various aliments, including terminal cancer.
    • Body Manipulation - Paeon is able to manipulate a young woman's tattoos in order to learn more about his creator, the Mythmaker. Though he offers to fix the tattoos for her, she refuses as the image is so important to him. By touching his caduceus to Flare's chest, Paeon is able to rearrange her internal organs.
    • Disease Manipulation - Paeon is capable of inflicting all sorts of diseases upon a person and then removing them if he so wished.
  • Exorcism - Paeon is able to perform an exorcism of sorts by using his caduceus to draw Blight out of the body of one of his followers whom he is inhabiting.
  • Pyrokinesis - By heating up the oxygen in a man's cells, Paeon is able to cause him to burst into flame. Once he no longer needs the fire, Paeon is able to cause it to go out. Paeon indicats that when he gets stronger, he will be able to effect other gods in the same way, but is too weak to do so at the time.
  • Power Granting - Paeon is able to enhance his followers' bodies to turn them into "ultimate humans" with enhanced capabilities including superhuman strength, speed and regenerative capabilities. These powers disappear after Paeon is stripped of much of his power by Renee Mendez. Paeon is also able to give Lena Nguyen the ability to sense the location of the Mythmaker's house, acting like a homing beacon in her mind.
  • Mind Control - When Paeon first arrives, he psychically wills a dying man to accept his offer of healing in return for servitude. As he grows stronger after killing three other gods, Paeon impresses his will upon Lena who recognizes it but can't resist as Paeon has become too powerful. Paeon later displays a level of mind control over his worshippers, particularly the ones he enhanced which Lena Nguyen speculates came from, at least partially, the enhanced levels of hormones their bodies put out, in effect drugging them. Paeon has this effect on Sam Winchester as well when he pretended to join Paeon's followers with Lena only having to say Paeon's name for all of his doubts about the god to disappear and him to fall under his control once more. However, once Sam sees Paeon for what he really is, he is able to throw off Paeon's mind control, something Sam attributes to his experience with beings trying to do similar things to him in the past.
  • Superhuman Endurance - Paeon is noted by Lena Nguyen to be tireless even after hours of work and healing.
  • Super Strength - As a god, Paeon is extremely strong. As his power grows more and more, his level of strength grows exponentially as well. When fighting Blight at a time when he has not defeated any other gods, Paeon struggles to defeat him and only wins because of the intervention of Lena Nguyen. In contrast, when fighting Flare, the fourth god to challenge him, Paeon is able to shatter her skull simply by smashing her head with Flare's copper circlet. In battle against Adamantine who is exceptionally powerful as well, Paeon is a match for her in a contest of strength and power.
  • Empathy - After Paeon is shown the Mythmaker through Tera's tattoo, he is able to sense Lena's conflicted emotions over the existence of the girl.
  • Clairsentience - As Paeon's power grows, he is able to sense both the other gods in town and the Mythmaker. When in close proximity to Adamantine, he is able to sense her sheer power and her him while both can sense that only a few other gods are left.
  • Terrakinesis - After being hit by a powerful fireball from Flare, Paeon's screams causes the very ground to shake.
  • Voice Amplification - While taunting Flare, Paeon is able to amplify his voice so that all around can hear him speak.
  • Regeneration - After receiving a head injury from Blight, he is able to heal the injury quickly. By drawing energy from his followers, Paeon is able to heal the severe burns Flare's attack caused him in just seconds. After absorbing Blight's power when he killed Blight, Paeon heals all of his injuries sustained in that fight.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, Paeon is invulnerable to most forms of harm, particularly as his power grows which makes him less vulnerable to things that had hurt him before. While Flare's fireball and the burns he suffers from it is excruciatingly painful for him, he remains on his feet and is able to continue battling. When caught by surprise and after having been weakened by Renee Mendez stripping much of his and Adamantine's power, Paeon is vulnerable to Adamantine's attack with her gauntlet and the electrocution he receives through it. Like all gods created during the Apotheosis, he can only be killed by his own weapon.


  • Stronger Deities - When he was weaker, Paeon was vulnerable to stronger gods who could inflict great harm upon him.
  • Divine Weapons - Divine weapons can harm him though he could only be killed by his own weapon.
    • Adamantine's Silver Gauntlet - The silver gauntlet used by Adamantine is capable of causing Paeon harm, but can't kill him.
    • Paeon's caduceus - He could only be killed by his own caduceus.
  • Mythmaker Will Revocation - When Renee Mendez attempted to uncreate Paeon and Adamantine, she was able to strip them of most of their power. However, both had absorbed enough life force from their followers to only be weakened by this.


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