These five unnamed skinwalkers acted as enforcers for Lucky's pack.


At some point, they were recruited into Lucky's pack for the plan to transform families into skinwalkers to increase their numbers greatly. However, unlike most of the pack, these five appeared to remain with the Pack Leader and his second in command to act as guards and enforcers.

When the Pack Leader arrived at the warehouse the pack was using as their base, he had two of the enforcers with him and his second in command and three inside of the warehouse itself. On his leader's command, one of the enforcers led a kidnapped Mandy and Aidan from their vehicle while another inadvertently fouled Dean Winchester's shot on the leader with a rifle.

The five enforcers stood guard as the Pack Leader ordered Lucky to turn Mandy and Aidan in front of them before they sensed someone approaching. At that moment, Sam Winchester entered the room and shot the Pack Leader through the face with a silver bullet, killing him. Before any of the other skinwalkers could react, Dean shot two of the enforcers in the chest and one in the back with silver bullets from a rifle, killing all three. As Dean fired after them, missing, the remaining two fled deeper into the warehouse, chased by Sam.

One headed to confront Dean as Sam continued to chase the other, firing at him with a pistol and missing due to machinery blocking the way. Both transformed into their dog forms and the one that had gone for Dean ran at him as he was using his rifle to cover Lucky. Unable to pull his rifle free, Dean pulled his pistol and shot the skinwalker through the back, piercing his heart and killing him. As he died, the skinwalker resumed his human form at Dean's feet. The other enforcer, in dog form, tried to sneak up on Sam, but Sam spun around and shot him through the back and into his heart, killing him as well and leaving him as a naked human man.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They appeared to be regular skinwalkers with all of the abilities of ones.

  • Super Strength - As skinwalkers, they possess greater strength than regular humans.
  • Super Speed - Skinwalkers, in their animal form, can run and move faster than humans.
  • Regeneration - As skinwalkers, they could heal quickly from injuries.
  • Invulnerability - As skinwalkers, they are invulnerable to all normal forms of harm.
  • Super Senses - As skinwalkers, they have greater senses than humans. When Sam Winchester entered the pack's warehouse base, they could all instantly smell him before he entered the room.
  • Infectious bite - Like werewolves, skinwalkers could turn humans into their species with their bite.
  • Shapeshifting - As skinwalkers, they could change form at will between human and dog.


They possessed all the weaknesses of skinwalkers.

  • Silver - They were all killed by silver bullets.


Killed ByEdit

After Sam killed the Pack Leader, Dean shot two of the enforcers in the chest and a third in the back with silver bullets from a rifle, killing them. As Sam chased one, the other made his way to Dean in dog form and attempted to attack him. However, Dean shot the enforcer through the back and into his heart with a silver bullet from his pistol, killing him. The final enforcer took on his dog form and attempted to attack Sam, but was also shot through the back and into his heart with a silver bullet from Sam's pistol.



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