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Oz is real! It's part of the fairy world!

Oz is a magical land that is a part of the fairy world, Avalon. It is a world where magic abounds and is home to such beings as the Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys. It is ruled by Princess Ozma, who resides in the Emerald City at the heart of the land, and has been explored by L. Frank Baum (a Man of Letters) and his daughter, Dorothy. Much of Oz's geography and recent history were recorded in a series of books, of which the first and most famous is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


As part of Avalon (the dimension from which fairies and other magical creatures originate), it is unknown that Oz was created by whom alongside the rest of Avalon. Oz became home to many magical creatures, such as Flying Monkeys and even witches such as the Wicked Witch of the East and the Wicked Witch of the West. At Oz's center is the seat of power, the Emerald City, from which Oz's reigning ruler commands. A road composed of yellow bricks (aptly known as the Yellow Brick Road) winds throughout the land, with all branches of it merging at the Emerald City.

In the early 1900s, a Man of Letters named Clive Dylan, through means yet unknown, discovered one of the Keys to Oz, a type of magical key that could turn any ordinary door into an inter-dimensional portal to Oz. After successfully testing the Key and opening the portal, Clive traveled there but left the Key behind on Earth, thus becoming trapped in Oz. Eventually, Clive got himself kidnapped by a coven of evil witches who used on him the Inner Key Of Oz, another special key which could magically split a person in two versions of him or herself: one living only by the virtues of that person (the "good half"), and the other by all his vices, being pure evil (the "dark half"), leaving only a physical repercussion connection between them to prevent the dark half from killing the good one. Clive's dark half, however, being learned in magic and now free from emotions like fear or mercy, successfully overpowered and slaughtered the witches. Right after stealing their Inner Key, Clive's evil half started a power hungry quest on his own, avowing himself from then on as the Wizard of Oz and wanting the throne of Emerald City for himself. Some days later, another Man of Letters known as L. Frank Baum found the Key, and organized a rescue mission to bring Clive back from Oz. On this journey, his daughter, Dorothy, came along without her father's notice and was accidentally left behind when he returned home with Clive's good half, leaving Dorothy alone in Oz. Three freedom fighters (eventually transformed into a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion by the Wicked Witch of the West) who rebelled against the witch sisters protected Dorothy, believing it was her destiny to destroy the sisters and free Oz from their tyranny. With the destruction of the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy obtained her Ruby Slippers, though she never displayed any inclination to wear them herself, as she later noted she felt odd wearing a dead woman's shoes. Despite this, the slippers were rich in Oz's magic, and Dorothy kept them. She (along with the Tin Man) eventually died at the hands of the Wicked Witch of the West. While Dorothy was restored to life, the Tin Man was not, so she kept his head as a memento. Dorothy came to know Oz's ruler, Princess Ozma, though she later admitted she did not have a very high opinion of Ozma. Dorothy's adventures in Oz were eventually chronicled by her father in a set of books loosely based upon her experiences there, as a means of leaving her clues of how to deal with threats originating from Oz, specially from the Wicked Witch of the West.

In 1935, Dorothy, having returned to Earth and by this point an accomplished hunter herself, successfully captured the Wicked Witch of the West and cut out her tongue to inhibit some of her magical abilities. The Wicked Witch was searching for Key to Oz in intention to invade Earth with her armies and rule over this dimension instead of Oz. Dorothy, wishing to prevent the Wicked Witch from gaining such a powerful tool that could link Oz to Earth, subdued the Witch and brought her to the Men of Letters' Bunker after having exhausted every way she could think of to kill her. During the conversation that took place between Dorothy and two of the Men of Letters, the Wicked Witch got free and possessed one of them with a touch. She then pursued Dorothy through the Men of Letters compound until she caught up with her in Room 28. Seeing no way to kill the Wicked Witch at the time, Dorothy did the only thing she could do: perform a binding spell that would place both the Wicked Witch and herself in suspended animation until a means of killing her could be found.

It would not be until 78 years had passed, in 2013, that both Dorothy and the Wicked Witch would accidentally be released by Dean when both he and Sam were investigating an ancient computer in the room where Dorothy had sealed herself and the Witch away. Dorothy explained that contrary to popular belief, Oz is a real place in the faery dimension and that she had come into conflict with the Wicked Witch, who had come in search of the Key, which was the easiest and safest way for entering and leaving Oz. After a brief encounter with Crowley, the Wicked Witch eventually located and stole the Key from Dean's bedroom inside the Bunker, killing Charlie Bradbury in the process with a magical thunderbolt (though this would be reversed by the efforts of Gadreel). She eventually possessed both Sam and Dean with her touch and ordered them to kill both Dorothy and Charlie while she used the Key to open a door to the western part of Oz and call forth her army of Flying Monkeys from her castle to Earth, so that as to take over both worlds.

The castle of the Wicked Witch in western Oz, as seen when the Wicked Witch opens a portal by using the key.

Upon hearing Charlie's revelation that her father had written his books to leave clues for how to deal with the Wicked Witch, Dorothy finally realized that the Ruby Slippers, which were imbued with Oz's magic, were capable of killing the Witch. Obtaining them from her motorcycle inside the compound's garage, Dorothy tossed the slippers to Charlie and sent her to deal with the Witch while she held off the possessed Sam and Dean. Charlie successfully killed the Wicked Witch with the Ruby Slippers and closed the door she had opened to Oz just in time to stop the Flying Monkeys from reaching Earth.

The battle against the Wicked Witch won, Dorothy resolved to return to Oz using the newly acquired Key and root out the evil plaguing Oz entirely, eventually inviting Charlie Bradbury to join her in this quest to both rid Oz of the Wicked Witch's forces and to find her lost dog, Toto. Ecstatic at the chance to visit a place she had loved to read about in her childhood and to finally go on a quest like what she had always dreamed of, Charlie accepted and joined Dorothy. Together, the two of them used the Key and entered Oz, starting off down the Yellow Brick Road toward the Emerald City as the door temporarily linking the two worlds closed.

In 2015, now split into a good and evil self much like Clive Dylan was, Charlie returned to Earth along with her alter ego, Dark Charlie. Good Charlie explained that that happened when she and Dorothy fought a war for control of the Emerald City, and after realising defeat was imminent, Charlie made a deal with The Wizard of Oz, (not knowing at the time, however, that the Wizard himself was also the dark half of another human, Clive), who suggested her to use the Inner Key to divide herself into her good and dark halves, and that they were still physically connected, so if one is hurt, so will the other. Dark Charlie, while doing a lot of terrible things, single-handedly won the war and Oz was freed from evil rule, making Dorothy and the Wizard its new leaders. Then, Good Charlie started following to stop Dark Charlie, who was already back to Earth in seek of revenge by killing Russell Wellington, the man who killed Charlie's parents in a drunk driving accident. Dark Charlie broke the Key to Oz so that Good Charlie couldn't return to call Dorothy for help, so Good Charlie and Sam teamed up to find a way to fix it so the Wizard could reunite the two Charlie's. Their search led them to Clive Dylan who was still alive due to his life connection to the Wizard. Clive then revealed his story back in Oz and the truth about the Wizard, causing Sam and Charlie to realize that Dorothy and Oz were still in danger. Unable to fix the Key and return to Oz to stop the Wizard, Clive took a gun and fatally shot himself, forcing the Wizard to come to Earth to heal him, since the magical connection between the halves would make any injury happening to one to happen with the other. In the fight that followed, Sam tried to steal the Inner Key from the Wizard, but was easily subdued by him. When the Wizard started to choke Sam for that, Charlie reluctantly took the gun and killed Clive with a headshot, so that the Wizard could die as well. As the Wizard kept the Inner Key on him, Sam was able to reverse his spell on Charlie and Oz was finally free from potential evil rule with both the Wizard and the Witch dead.

Known Inhabitants[]

Access and Location[]

There are several known ways to access Oz. Most of them rely on weather disturbances that are vortices.

  • The Keys
  • Tornadoes
  • Eye of a Hurricane
  • Whirlpool
  • Mirrors, like the one in Clive Dylan's home used by the Wizard of Oz as a quick way to Earth when Clive's life was in danger. However, the exact tool or procedure used by the Wizard (if a key or spell) to turn a common mirror into a portal to Oz was not revealed.