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Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven is the 8th episode and the mid-season finale of Season 15. It aired on December 12, 2019.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam, Dean and Castiel's continued search for a way to defeat Chuck (guest star Rob Benedict) leads them to unexpected places and toward unlikely allies.


Chuck expressing his lethally foul mood in a casino.

At a casino, there are bodies of people scattered everywhere with only a single cocktail waitress as the survivor. She is frightfully serving Chuck cocktails as he plays at the slots, winning with every spin dejectedly. When he is served his drink, he asks her if he went easy on the rum and she quickly assures him that she did, which he says is good as she wouldn't like him when he's cranky. He then tells her to keep them coming as he resumes winning at the slots unenthusiastically.

Eileen Leahy is on a hunt and is fighting against a werewolf, who manages to slip away from her sight. She pulls out a silver knife and moves to look for him, when she unexpectedly runs into Sam. Quickly, she pushes him out of the way and stabs the blade into the werewolf as he tries to sneak up behind him, killing it. Eileen then asks if Sam was tailing her and he counters that she could've left him a note. She then asks if he was worried about her which causes him to uncomfortably ask if she thinks that he's being overprotective and she admits that she does, a little bit. She then takes off and Sam goes and follows after her.

They get back to the bunker to have a snack when Dean comes in announcing that he had found the answer to their problems. He then goes and explains that now that they know that God is weak, he is still God and they still don't know how to take him down. He then reveals the Demon Tablet which he believes might have the answer. His theory is that God left the tablets as a safeguard for humanity if he were ever out of commission which is weird as if he was truly all-powerful, why leave the tablets, unless he wasn't truly invincible. So there could be something on the tablet if something happens to God which they could use. Eileen asks if they could actually read the tablet and they tell her no, but they know someone who can.

Castiel goes and knocks on the front door of Donatello Redfield's home but there is no answer. He quickly calls out that he knows Donatello is in there but there is still no answer. Castiel then goes over to a side window where he spots Donatello frightfully watching the door and knocks on the window to get his attention. Donatello quickly tells him to go away and closes the blinds. Castiel then moves to retrieve Donatello to take him back to the bunker.

After hearing of the Winchesters and Castiel's plan to stop God, Donatello claims that he doesn't think it to be possible. Dean tells him that since God did manage to defeat The Darkness and seal her away, there might be a way for them to do the same thing to God. When Donatello wonders why they don't simply just kill him, Sam tells him that they can't as they still need God to preserve the balance of the universe or creation would fall apart. Donatello remains skeptical as if God does even have a flaw, they wouldn't have the power to exploit it. Yet, Donatello agrees to try to read the Demon Tablet but asks that if it makes him go crazy again, they would go on and kill him.

Chuck, through Donatello, warns the Winchesters and Castiel to 'drop it'.

After some suspense, and annoyance from being watched by the Winchesters and Castiel, Donatello manages to find some annotations made by Metatron. He discovered that God seemed to have a secret fear though he seemed to share what it seemed to be only with his "favorite". Castiel deduces that the "favorite" Metatron mentioned at the time would've been Michael. Sam then guesses that since Michael did help Chuck fight Amara, he would know everything about the spell that was used to seal her away, so they could seal God away. Donatello gets excited that they found a solution but Castiel quickly informs him that Michael is in Lucifer's Cage with Sam and Dean's half-brother Adam. Donatello gets annoyed and upset that nothing the Winchesters do ever seems to be simple or easy when he suddenly just collapses into his chair. But a moment later, he comes to in a somewhat monotone state and says that it wouldn't be fun or interesting if the Winchesters ever had anything easy. Dean thinks Donatello is going crazy again but he, as well as Sam and Castiel, get scared when Chuck reveals himself. He explains that prophets speak the Word of God, sometimes indirectly and sometimes as his "Bluetooth". Chuck then goes on to warn the three of them to drop their plan or he would be forced to go "all-powerful" though not at them, right away. He threatens them with the lives of their friends, specifically Jody, Donna, and Eileen.

After he leaves, Castiel inspects the Bunker's wardings and finds them intact though he speculates that they don't ward God away. When he asks if they will do what Chuck asked, Dean tells Donatello to leave, fearing that Chuck is still listening in through him. After he quickly runs off, Dean says that they aren't going to drop it. When Castiel worries about the well-being of their friends, Sam and Dean remind him that they all will never be safe as long as Chuck is out there and the only hope they have is to stop him. Castiel then wonders if they are seriously thinking about going to Hell to speak to Michael even though he has been driven insane by being in the Cage. Sam and Dean think that since they were told that by both Lucifer and Chuck, there is a chance that they had both lied to them.

Rowena, the new Queen of Hell

Using Rowena's spell, Dean, Sam and Castiel go to Hell while Eileen stays behind in order to keep the spell going so that they could return. Once in Hell, the three of them journey through Hell's corridors to find the path to the Cage but are ambushed by demons near Lilith's Chamber. They try to fight them off but find themselves overwhelmed. Yet, the demons stop their attack when they hear a voice ordering them to stop. Dean, Sam and Castiel are shocked to find that it is Rowena. She explains that when she died to close the fissure, her soul went to Hell and she moved to take control and became Hell's new Queen. She then asks why the three of them are there and they inform her that God is back and they are trying to reign him in, to her amusement. Sam then explains they have a plan but they need to speak to Michael. Rowena quickly informs them that Michael wouldn't be in the Cage as all the doors in Hell were opened when Chuck broke open the fissure and the archangel would've escaped. Dean says they still have to be sure and she quickly orders the demons to fan out and find Michael, to the Winchesters' astonishment.

Back in the bunker, as Eileen watches over the spell she gets a call from a hunter, Sue Barrish. Sue was surprised to see Eileen as she had heard that Eileen was dead but Eileen told her that it didn't take. Sue tells Eileen that she is tracking a nest of vampires that are moving towards Omaha and will need help clearing them out once they stop. Eileen tells her that she is close but when Sue asks if she is in, she tells her that she is in the middle of something but she would help as soon as she's free. Sue tells her that she will call her again soon. Eileen then moves to add more powder to keep the flame of the spell going.

Rowena takes Dean, Sam and Castiel to her new throne room to relax and Sam quickly moves to try and apologize to her. Rowena quickly tells Sam that it was okay and that him killing her was actually the best thing to happen to her. She informs them that she is happy and, though she does miss some things about being alive, she is happier than ever being the new Queen of Hell, being adored and feared by her subjects. She then asks Sam to get her a refill of her scotch, leaving her alone with Dean and Castiel. She tells them that she could sense that there is something wrong between the two of them. Dean and Castiel tell her that they are fine but she tells the two of them to work it out as she still has some regrets that still haunt her, specifically with her son. She advises them to fix it before something happens, like dying, and they won't ever be able to make it right. Sam then returns just as one of her demons enter and informs them that they have finished their search of Hell and Michael is nowhere to be found.

Adam and Michael in a diner after returning to Earth

At a diner, Adam is sitting at a table, enjoying a burger as Michael, appearing to Adam in the form of an identical projection of himself, goes to tell his vessel that it could kill him but Adam blissfully says that it is worth it as he hasn't been able to enjoy a burger in ten years. Michael appears to sit across from him, as a duplicate of Adam, and tells him to go for it. Adam knows that he no longer needs to eat but he still enjoys food and Michael admits that he doesn't know much about food or life down on Earth and will have Adam be his guide. A waitress then arrives to leave Adam a pizza, but is unable to see Michael herself, revealing that only Adam could see him. When Adam asks if Michael will return to Heaven, he tells him that he doesn't know what he'll do now that his brothers are all dead and God never returned so he is alone. Adam empathizes as he has no family waiting for him either. When Michael points out that he still has his brothers, Sam and Dean, Adam responds that he only met them once and they left him to rot in Hell. They bond over the fact that they both have had difficult families.

Dean gives Sam his blessing for him and Eileen

Returned from Hell, Dean calls Donatello and asks if he could help them. Confused, as Donatello thought he was off the case, Dean quickly tells him that he was never off it and is part of the team though Donatello isn't too happy to hear that. Dean asks him if he has sensed anything of almost God-like scale as they need to locate Michael. Donatello tells him that he hasn't sensed anything and Dean tells him that if he does then to call him. Dean then heads over to Sam, who has been surfing the net to try to look for any trace of Michael but hasn't found anything. Dean then sits down and points out that Eileen had done good with maintaining the spell to get them back from Hell and asks Sam if she is doing okay. Sam says that he guesses she's doing okay and explains that if she wasn't then she would tell him as they have an agreement. Dean then laughs and says that its adorable. Dean then tells Sam that he didn't want to jinx it for them but says that doing the whole family thing may not have worked for him but if it was to work, Sam might have a chance to have it with Eileen. She gets them and the life of a hunter, and knows that the two of them care about each other. Sam tries to speak against it but Dean quickly injects that Sam could do worse, and amusingly adds that Eileen could certainly do better. He then tells Sam that he's happy for him.

Michael kills Lilith

In the diner, Adam starts wondering if he should try to get himself a "little job" to Michael's amusement as all they really have are the clothes they fell into Hell in. As Adam talks, Michael senses something and Lilith arrives looking for Michael on God's orders. Instantly taking control, Michael is surprised to see that the demon is alive. Lilith explains that she had been sent to fetch him and Michael asks who sent her and she replies that it was God. He is immediately skeptical of the demon's claims as he believes his father wouldn't send a demon to get him. She quickly reminds Michael that the two had worked together in the past, to set up the Apocalypse. He then says that was only to bring God back and Lilith says that while it hadn't worked back then, he had come back on his own and wants to speak with him. Michael says that if that really was true then his father could come talk to him himself and orders her to leave but she insists that she can't leave without him. He then obliterates her in a flash of white light after Lilith grabs him, leaving nothing but a pile of ash and Donatello jumps in shock as he senses it. Noticing that the entire diner witnessed his actions, Michael erases their memories with a snap of his fingers.

Dean then gets a call from Donatello who tells him that he knows where Michael is. Before he could tell him, he jumps as he could feel that Michael has moved again. He keeps moving around the planet and Donatello can sense it every time he does until Michael seems to settle down in one spot. He tells Dean that Michael is in Cairo, Egypt and then hangs up, claiming he needs bourbon. Dean tells Castiel that they know where Michael is but they would never get to him before he moves again. Castiel then suggests that they instead bring Michael to them.

Castiel prays to Michael

Castiel goes off and begins praying to Michael, saying that he knows the two of them didn't part on good terms the last time they met. He tells Michael that he's been gone for a long time and much has changed with both Heaven and Earth and that there is a battle raging. Castiel informs him that he is no longer his enemy and that they now all have the same enemy, God himself. His eyes then glow as Michael seems to respond.

Castiel then goes to an abandoned warehouse and begins calling out for Michael when he quickly hears the sounds of wings flapping before turning to see him, standing in the vessel of Adam. Castiel thanks Michael for coming to meet with him and asks if he remembers him. Michael tells him that he had called him "assbutt" and then set him on fire before sending him to Hell. Castiel admits that he did and Michael then skeptically argues if Castiel really has called him to try to tell him that his father God, Creator of All Things is his enemy or if he simply just came to try to beg him for forgiveness. Castiel tells Michael that he's not here to beg before revealing a lighter and then throwing it to the ground to surround Michael in a ring of Holy Fire. As soon as Michael is trapped, Sam and Dean come out of hiding and Dean brings out the Supernatural Handcuffs so they could take him with them. Michael angrily asks Castiel what he has done.

Michael taken by the Winchesters and Castiel to the bunker.

Taken back to the Men of Letters bunker in the handcuffs, Michael calls their actions stupid and Dean sarcastically says that they're happy to see him too. Michael sees Sam and starts to comment on how he looks compared to the last time he saw him in the Cage but Sam cuts Michael off before he could say more and insists that they need his help. They try to explain about God but he tells them that he's already heard it and doesn't believe them. Michael is incredulous that they want him to trust them when Castiel doomed him to the Cage and the Winchesters let Lucifer walk free while leaving their brother trapped in Hell. Sam explains that with what they do, they have gotten too used to losing people and with Adam they said goodbye because they thought they had to but were wrong. Michael tells Sam that he shouldn't be telling him that but Adam, right before he returns control to their brother, surprising all of them as Adam says hello. Dean asks Adam if Michael really just lets him have control and Adam explains that he and Michael reached an agreement in the Cage where they only had each other. Dean tells Adam that they know they abandoned him and nothing they say could fix that but Adam suggests that they try with "I'm sorry". Michael quickly retakes control and demands to know why he is there. Castiel starts to explain that they need his help because God did truly return as the Cage didn't "just open on its own". Michael tells them that if God had truly returned then he will bring paradise, but Dean counters that he wouldn't as paradise is boring and God only wants to be entertained meaning they are all his puppets, especially Michael. Michael refuses to listen, angrily claiming that they are lying and stubbornly believes them to have an agenda. He then returns control to Adam who tells them to give it a rest because Michael isn't listening anymore.

Michael argues with Adam against listening to Sam and Dean's claims about God.

Alone, Adam begins to think that maybe his brothers aren't lying about God and argues with Michael about it. Still refusing to listen, Adam points out to him that Sam and Dean always try to be on the right side of things like when they tried to stop him from saying "Yes" to him. Michael asks if that means that Adam forgives them and Adam quickly tells him no, that he hasn't, but that wasn't what this was about. Adam argues that if his brothers say that God is untrustworthy than they believe its true and if they believe it, it probably was true. Michael tells him that while they have known each other for years, he has known his father for eternity. Adam suggests that Michael might not know his father as well as he thinks as all parents "keep secrets". Adam asks Michael if it actually hurts to question it and Michael snaps at him that it does. Because doing so would mean that Michael - the Good Son, the Favorite - doubts his father. Adam questions if Michael really still cares about that after God abandoned him in Lucifer's Cage.

Eileen got another call from Sue who moved to update Eileen on her vampire hunt. She told Eileen that the vampires have settled just outside of Omaha and if they were going to be stopped than they had to move in before they settled and got their defenses in place. Sue asked if Eileen could help but Eileen hesitated. Sue questioned if she needed permission from the Winchesters to help and Eileen quickly told her to give her directions. Sue texted them just before Eileen saw her scream just before getting jumped. Eileen quickly went to Sam to tell her that her friend is in trouble and Sam moved to go with her to try to help save Sue.

Castiel shows Michael proof of God's treachery

Castiel enters the room where they are keeping Adam and Michael, wondering if its Adam he's speaking to. When Michael confirms that it is him, he quickly tells Castiel he'll spare him the effort and says that he refuses to betray his father and everything he believes in. Castiel wonders why he won't when God had betrayed him. He then tells the archangel that he never really liked him, even when he was just another angel, as he always thought Michael to be too haughty and "to paraphrase a friend, you had an entire oak tree shoved up your ass". Michael remains cold and dismissive to his taunt, but when Castiel notes he pities Michael as he was never God's favorite but just a tiny part of God's story and figures that at least Lucifer knew that God couldn't be trusted, calling him the smart one. This sets Michael off and he furiously attacks Castiel, easily overpowering him despite having the cuffs on. As he swiftly used his cuffed hands to choke the Seraph, Castiel is unable to break free of Michael's fury-driven grip. Castiel then moves his hands up to grab at Michael's head, telling him to see the truth for himself. Castiel then shows the archangel his memories of God's betrayal. Images flood into Michael's mind of God masquerading as the Prophet Chuck Shurley, the war with the Darkness, the Apocalypse World Michael, the murder of his nephew Jack, and God's vow to destroy the world. He then quickly lets go of Castiel, left in shock of everything he had just seen.

Afterwards, Dean goes to the bunker's kitchen to find Castiel sitting alone in silence. As he moves to grab a beer, Dean wonders if Castiel had gone too far with what he had done. He asks what Michael is doing now though Castiel says he doesn't know as he was very distraught. When Dean asks what Michael had said, Castiel tells him that Michael had told him to leave and he wanted him dead. Castiel then asks where Sam was and Dean told him that he went off with Eileen to help a friend with a case but they shouldn't be gone long. Suddenly, the entire bunker starts shaking and they run off to Michael's room. They find him, sitting in a corner, and he anguishly acknowledges that God had lied to him, despite everything that he had done for him, and that he wasn't even the only Michael.

Chuck tricks Sam and Eileen

Later on, Sam and Eileen reach Sue's location at a parking garage where they find her car, abandoned. Sam is confused as there is no trace of any vampires anywhere. Sue then suddenly announces herself from around the corner. Eileen is happy to see her friend looking no worse for wear, saying "Thank God". Suddenly, Sue then shapeshifts into Chuck and amusingly tells her anytime, revealing that it had all been a trick from the beginning. Chuck then says hello to Sam as he realizes that he and Eileen are trapped.

Michael opening a rift to Purgatory

Michael tells Dean and Castiel that he'll help them and provides them with the spell that can lock God away, similar to how The Darkness was locked away. When listing the ingredients, Dean tells him that they have most of them but Michael adds that to bind the magic together, they will need the nectar from a Leviathan Blossom. Dean asks if that is a flower and Michael confirms that it is but it only grows in one place: Purgatory. With a snap of his fingers, Michael opens a rift. He explains that it is a door to Purgatory but that it will only remain open for twelve hours. He then asks to be released from the handcuffs and Dean moves to unlock them. Dean then asks if Michael is coming with them but the archangel tells him no.

As Michael starts to leave, Dean stops him and asks if he could speak with his brother first. Michael returns control to Adam and he then turns back to listen to what he has to say. Dean tells his brother that he should know that they are truly sorry for abandoning him. He says that Adam is a good man and that he didn't deserve what happened to him. Adam silently takes it in for a moment before he shrugs and then asks "Since when do we get what we deserve?" He then wishes them luck before he goes and takes his leave. After he does, Dean and Castiel take a moment before they look on at the rift to Purgatory.


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  • Anna Grace Barlow as Lilith
  • Luvia Peterson as Sue Barrish
  • Lesha Jay Vescio as Casino Bar Waitress
  • Kheon Clarke as Reporting Demon
  • Sabrina Prada as Dinner Lady

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  • There is a five-week hiatus after this episode.
  • The episode was watched by 1.11 million viewers and got a 0.3 rating.
  • This is the final mid-season finale of Supernatural and the final episode of the decade.
  • Jake Abel returns to the show to reprise his role as Michael (211 episodes later) and Adam Milligan (215 episodes later).
  • The episode title is a reference to the fact that God isn't in Heaven.
  • This is the fourth and final mid-season finale to be written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming with Holy Terror, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and LOTUS being the first three.
  • This is the second mid-season finale to feature a version of Michael with The Spear being the first one.
  • God is revealed to have the ability to mentally control and speak through a prophet.
  • Castiel is shown to struggle with his already failing powers again in this episode.
  • Team Free Will's confrontation with the demons occurred outside of Lilith's Chamber.
  • Michael's supposed madness is revealed to be a lie made up by God and Lucifer.
  • Rowena MacLeod is revealed to have taken over Hell as its new Queen after the events in The Rupture.
  • This is the sixth time Castiel heals Dean Winchester on-screen. However, this is the first time where he doesn't directly touch Dean's wound.
  • This is the second episode to feature the death of Lilith with Lucifer Rising being the first one.
  • It is revealed that Michael shares control of Adam Milligan's body after their time together in The Cage.
  • Michael reveals the spell to trap God, the same spell God used to trap the Darkness. However, while they have most of the ingredients, they need a Leviathan Blossom from Purgatory.
  • Dead bodies of people sprawled out on the floor of a restaurant without a scratch on them is similar to the Pizzeria where Death kills patrons in his vicinity.
  • God communicating with Eileen Leahy via webcam while disguised as a hunter mirrors the way he contacted Becky Rosen in Sympathy for the Devil to pass along the message about the Michael Sword.
  • The vast difference in power between Michael and Raphael can easily be seen in this episode. While Raphael needed the spell Crowley got from Eleanor Visyak to open a doorway to Purgatory in The Man Who Knew Too Much, Michael is effortlessly able to open a rift to Purgatory in this episode with just his archangel powers and a snap of his fingers.
  • This episode implies that Napoleon Bonaparte's short stature was due to Rowena's magic. She is also mentioned to be an acquaintance of The Rolling Stones lead singer, Mick Jagger.
  • This episode marks the first time Adam has been to the Men of Letters bunker.
    • Therefore, as of this episode, all members of the Winchester family have been inside the bunker.
  • The waitress serving Chuck drinks is named Jessica, which is the same name as Sam's girlfriend.
  • In The Monster at the End of This Book, Dean warned Lilith that if she didn't leave before the Archangel Raphael arrived, she would be reduced to a pile of charcoal. This ultimately became her fate when she was killed by the Archangel Michael.
  • In a conversation about Eileen Leahy, Dean reminds Sam that he once "tried the family thing," which is an indirect reference to Lisa and Ben Braeden, whom Dean abandoned in Let It Bleed.


  • Rowena: Hello, boys.
  • Dean: Rowena, we thought you were dead.
  • Rowena: Oh, I am, dear. Pretty much everyone here is. When I closed the fissure, it did cost me my life, and my soul went to hell. Big surprise.
  • Castiel: And the demons just... handed you the throne?
  • Rowena: No one hands you anything, darlin'. I took it.

  • Castiel: Michael. Michael. This is Castiel. We didn't know each other very well, and our last meeting was... unpleasant. But I know you have been through a terrible ordeal for many years. You've been beyond the reach of Heaven. Been beyond the reach of Earth. Much has changed with both. Heaven is not what it was. And your father -- your father is certainly not who you knew. Michael, there's a battle raging, and you are a warrior, but you must know the nature of this fight. I'm not your enemy anymore. Now we all have the same enemy. God Himself.

  • Castiel: Michael? Thank you. Thank you for coming. Do you remember me?
  • Michael: You called me "ass-butt" and set me on fire. And then you helped send me to Hell.

  • Michael: You're asking me to trust you -- you, who doomed me, you, who let Lucifer walk free while your own brother sat in Hell.
  • Sam: Doing what we do, we've had to get used to losing people. Probably too used to it. With Adam, we said goodbye because we thought we had to. We were wrong.
  • Michael: Well, don't tell me. Tell him.
  • Adam: Hey, Sam. Dean.
  • Sam: Adam?
  • Dean: Wait, Mic-- Michael lets you... talk? I mean, he lets you be?
  • Adam: Uh, yeah. In the Cage, we came to an agreement. We only had each other.

  • Michael: If my Father is back, He will usher in Paradise.
  • Dean: No, He won't. Because Paradise is boring and your dad -- He's just looking to be entertained.

  • Adam: So, I've been thinking. Maybe they're not lying. Hear me out. Sam and Dean try to be on the right side of things. They actually do. They tried to talk me out of taking you on, for example, out of all of this.
  • Michael: So, you forgive them?
  • Adam: Oh, hell, no. No. But that's not what this is about. It's -- Look, if they tell you something's off with God, it's because they believe it's true. And if they believe it, it probably is true.
  • Michael: You and I have been together for years. My Father and I have been together for eternity. I exist because He willed it.
  • Adam: So He's having a mid-eternity crisis. Or -- Or, maybe you don't know your dad as well as you think you do. The point is, parents keep secrets, right? Does it hurt to ask the question?
  • Michael: Yes! It would. It would mean that I doubt Him. The Good Son, the Favorite, doubts his Father.
  • Adam: You still care about that? After He left you in the Cage?

  • Castiel: You know, Michael, I never really liked you. Even when I was just another angel, I thought you were too haughty, too... to paraphrase a friend, you had an entire oak tree shoved up your ass. But now? I'm looking at you and I... I just pity you. Because you were never God's Favorite. You were just a little part of His story, a tiny part of His story. You weren't even a star. At least Lucifer knew that God can't be trusted. But I guess he was always the smart one.

Michael furiously attacks Castiel

  • Castiel: See the truth for yourself.

  • Michael: God lied to me. I gave everything for Him. I loved Him. Why? I'm not even the only Michael.

  • Dean: Before you go... can I talk to him?
  • Adam: Yeah?
  • Dean: Adam, I want you to know... we are sorry. What happened to you... You're a good man. You didn't deserve that.
  • Adam: Since when do we get what we deserve? Good luck.



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