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Oskar was the son of a peasant Polish family, who gave aid and shelter to Rowena 300 years ago.


When Rowena was forced to leave her home 300 years ago, she found aid with a peasant Polish family. Over time, Rowena grew to care for their eight-year-old son Oskar who also grew fond of her and even called her "Auntie Rowena". Upon learning that he was terminally ill, she decided to give the family a gift for their kindness, and cured Oskar with a spell. She also cast a second spell that would take root when Oskar became fully grown, making him immortal.[2]

At some point, Oskar traveled to Ecuador and learned how to roast coffee beans. He eventually became a counter server at Phil's Diner, taking the name "Seth".[1]

Season 10[]

After learning of him from Olivette, Crowley found Oskar working, and ordered a meal from him. He said he enjoyed the coffee, and learned that he wanted to go to Asia. Crowley told Oskar that he was in the business of making dreams come true, but left when Sam Winchester, in the guise of Dean, called him for help.[1]

After learning that Rowena would have to kill something she loved to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean Winchester's arm, Crowley went back to Oskar and took out all of his customers. He approached Oskar, and revealed that he knew what the witch Rowena had done for him, and brought him to Rowena and Castiel.

Oskar bleeding to death.

Rowena was surprised to see Oskar again, and after embracing him in a hug, she stabbed him in the neck with a pen, killing him. She collected his blood in the bowl with the quince and remains of the golden calf, as it was the third ingredient needed to remove the Mark from Dean's arm.[2]

Season 11[]

Oskar's body was presumably removed by Crowley's demons when they secured Crowley's vessel as it was not present when Crowley returned to the James Brothers whiskey distillery.[3]

Season 12[]

In Family Feud, Rowena explains to Crowley that she sent his son back in time to die to get revenge for Oskar's death by making Crowley experience the loss of a child as well.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Mortality - Although he was immortal, his immortality has certain limits. He could still die due to unnatural causes. It was proven when he was killed by Rowena with a fatal stab in the neck with a ballpoint pen.