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Osiris is double gae
|name = Osiris
|image = [[File:Orisis.jpg|250px]]
|season = [[Season 7|7]]
|category = [[Deities|Deity]]
|occupation = Egyptian God
|status = Incapacitated
|actor = [[Faran Tahir]]
|affiliation = Egyptian Pantheon
|family = }}
{{Quote|Don't you think that [[Dean Winchester|your brother]] dragged you back into that catastrophic mess because he'd rather damn you with him than be alone?|Osiris to [[Sam Winchester]]|Defending Your Life}}
'''Osiris''' is the Egyptian [[Deities|god]] of the afterlife, transition, death, life, the dead, resurrection, regeneration, fertility and ruler of the underworld. He put people who feel guilty on trial, and sentenced them to death and commanded [[ghosts]] or specters to carry out the sentence.
===[[Season 7]]===
Osiris went to a local bar where he found people who felt guilty. He later grabbed [[Matthew Hammond]], [[Christopher Fisher]], and [[Warren]] and took them to his court where he held a trial and condemned them. [[Dean Winchester]] bumped into him in a bar, where Dean told his guilt to the bartender.
[[File:Stabs-osiris-19.jpg|thumb|250px|Sam defeats Osiris.]]
After Dean left the bar, Osiris abducted him. Dean was taken to a farm where he was put on trial by Osiris. Sam acted as Dean's lawyer in the trial. Osiris called three witnesses: [[Jo Harvelle]], Sam and Dean himself. In the end, Dean was found guilty and Osiris told him that he would die soon. Just before Dean could be killed, Sam stabbed Osiris with a [[Shofar|ram's horn]] and put him into a centuries long sleep while freeing Dean from death. However, Dean continued to feel guilty about his past action, including lying to his brother about [[Amy Pond]].<ref>''[[Defending Your Life]]''</ref>
==Powers and Abilities==
[[File:Osiris2.jpg|thumb|225px|Osiris (weigher of the heart).]]Osiris is a powerful deity, harnessing many abilities and few weaknesses.
*'''[[Invulnerability]]''' - As an ancient Egyptian [[Deities|deity]], the only known thing that can harm him was a [[Shofar|ram's horn]].
*'''[[Telekinesis]]''' - The power to move things with his mind.
*'''[[Biokinesis]]''' - Was able to stop [[Dean Winchester|Dean]] from speaking, with a gesture.
*'''[[Teleportation]]''' - He could casually move from place to place in the blink of an eye, he could also teleport others from one place to another with a gesture.
*'''[[Super Strength]]''' - He was strong enough to overpower several grown men, with no difficulty.
*'''[[Immortality]]''' - As a deity, Osiris could live forever and nothing is known to be able to kill him.
*'''[[Super Senses]]''' - Osiris knew [[Sam Winchester|Sam]] was present despite his attempts to hide.
*'''[[Telepathy]]''' - He was able to read others' minds to learn their guilt, and bring it forward to them.
*'''[[Necromancy]]''' - As god of the dead and the underworld, he could summon the dead, and force them to do things against their will. It was implied that he can control the [[ghosts]] of [[monster]]s as well.
*'''[[Shofar|Ram's Horn]]''' - Being stabbed by a ram's horn will put Osiris to sleep for a couple of centuries. It is not permanent however.
*'''[[The Colt]]''' - Can kill [[deities]].
*[[Season 7]]
**''[[Defending Your Life]]''
*Osiris is usually portrayed as a bearded, mummified human with green skin and wearing the atef crown. His hands emerge from the mummy wrappings and holding the flail and crook.
*Osiris' real-world wife [[Isis]] appeared in "[[Hammer of the Gods]]". Their relationship in the series is never stated.
*Writer [[Adam Glass]] did not particularly like Osiris which made writing the character difficult.
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[[Category:Minor Characters]]

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Osiris is double gae

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