This unnamed young woman works as a carer at the Sunset Fields retirement home.


This woman takes care of the residents at the retirement home along with her boyfriend, who works as an orderly. She is briefly noticed by Dean Winchester while he is interviewing one of the elderly residents. Dean eyes her flirtatiously.

She is present at the gathering of Sheila Tate's birthday party. When the cake abruptly explodes, the carer tries to calm Sheila down and puts a breathing mask on Sheila. While wheeling Sheila to her room, she tells Dean and Castiel that they shouldn't be here at this time, though Dean brushes her off.

When Sheila tells Castiel that the carer has her missing diamond bracelet, the carer attempts to push past Dean and Castiel with an irritated sigh, but Castiel stops her and grabs her wrist, revealing a diamond bracelet. Both Dean and Castiel demand to know where she got the bracelet, and the visibly startled carer admits her boyfriend gave it to her.


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