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Lucifer's cage begins to open in Lucifer Rising

Opening Lucifer's Cage required a complex spell. It allows a caster to open Lucifer's Cage from Earth.

Lucifer's Cage can be opened from almost any point on Earth, and not depending on the main gateway which was located in St. Mary's Convent, Ilchester, Maryland. Dean opened it in a house in Detroit and later on Sam opened it at Stull Cemetery. It implies that it has an existence in another dimension or a separate plane of existence, as implied by Dean's description of time passing differently in Hell.

Via breaking 66 SealsEdit

The 66 Seals serve as "locks" on Lucifer's Cage that God prescribed or inseminated as events. Lilith, the first demon, was released by Azazel under Lucifer's orders, as she was described to
250px-The Final Seal

Lilith's blood reveals the door to Lucifer's Cage

have the capability to break the seals. In addition, Lilith herself was the last seal that can open the cage.

When Lilith was killed by Sam (and "broke" the last seal), in Lucifer Rising, her blood revealed the door of Lucifer's Cage and opened it.

Requirement of spell chanting for every breaking a seal is unknown. But a seal (Death of Reaper), required an incantation that was intended for seal breaking. The incantation for the specific seal is:

Hic cruor messorius, illud sigillum, quod luciferem reverendum obstringit, aperiat ut resurgat
(Translation: This blood Reaper seal that binds to open reverend rise of Lucifer)

Via Rings of the HorsemenEdit

In Hammer Of the Gods, the archangel Gabriel reveals posthumously, before being killed by Lucifer, that Lucifer's Cage, which was opened when the 66 Seals were broken, is still down in Hell and can still be used to contain Lucifer if it can be reopened and Lucifer tricked back into it somehow. He reveals, believing that Lucifer is not aware of it, that the original keys to the cage are the rings worn by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He suggests that if the Winchesters can gain all four, they will have the cage as an answer to stopping the Apocalypse from devastating the Earth and destroying humanity. However, the Archangel reveals that this will not be easy as they must first get the cage door back open and then devise some way of tricking his brother back into it before shutting it again.

In Swan Song, after collecting Rings of the Horsemen, Dean uses an Enochian incantation revealed to him

Dean opens the cage

by Death to open Lucifer's Cage. Dean says "Bvtmon Tabges Babalon" (which roughly translates "Open the mouth of the cave of the evil/wicked one") and the cage opens, but Lucifer shuts it by chanting a counter spell. Later in the episode, Sam uses the same incantation.

Dean/Sam opens the Cage with the following incantation:
Beh voh tah mo en tah beh geh sah bah bah loh en

(which roughly translates to "Open the mouth of the cave of the evil/wicked one")

However, Lucifer closes the cage, with a counter spell:
kah hee deh rah beh voh ta mo en

(which roughly translates to "Close the mouth")

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