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The Oni are a race of Japanese demonic creatures that appear in Supernatural: Rite of Passage. They were known to cause disasters and epidemics on a large scale.


Oni are Japanese monsters known for being invincible, causing disease and disaster and is associated with bad luck, misfortune and consuming human flesh. Oni are also enemies with the obake, a more benevolent race of Japanese monsters.

In 1993, an oni named Tora traveled to the town of Laurel Hill, New Jersey, causing a rash of disasters. While there, Tora impregnated three women with his half human spawn before leaving. Hunter Roy Dempsey suspected an oni had visited town, but it was gone again before he could fully investigate.

In 2011, Tora returned for his three sons, Ryan Bramble, Dalton Rourke and Jesse Trumball. Upon his return to town, Tora started causing a series of mass casualty events that claimed many lives while drawing the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer. Tora also began working on using a calling ritual to start the transformation of his sons into full oni and capturing a woman for the demon gate ritual that would turn her into an oni as well and the perfect mate for him. Despite the best efforts of the hunters, they were unable to defeat Tora due to his invulnerability and he incited a mass slaughter at an opera house to complete his sons transformation. Joined by the retired Roy and several police officers, the three hunters battled the four oni to no avail, leading to Roy's death at Dalton's hands. As Dalton went to attack Dean, Dean shot him in his third eye, killing him and revealing the oni's weakness. Reeling from the death of his son and with his third eye under attack, Tora retreated with Ryan and Jesse. As the three oni regrouped, they were located by Ryan's girlfriend Sumiko Jones whose appearance stirred Ryan's humanity, causing Jesse to kill him. After the woman he wanted to turn tricked Tora into killing her, Tora attempted to use the demon gate ritual on Sumiko instead. Before he could, the Winchesters and Bobby attacked once more, killing Jesse. As Dean attempted to separate Tora from his kanabo, Roy Dempsey's cat arrived and Tora was stunned as it was an obake. With Tora distracted, Dean knocked his kanabo from his hand with a crowbar, enabling Bobby to kill Tora with three rifle shots to his third eye.


Oni appear as normal humans for the most part but will eventually grow horns and claws and their third eye will open at an age of maturity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

An oni is an immensely powerful monster from Japanese folklore with many different powerful abilities which are enhanced by their use of a kanabo.

  • Invisibility - If an oni wishes, they can disappear from human perception. However, this requires concentration and focus.
  • Weather manipulation - An oni displayed the ability to create damaging thunderstorms to herald his arrival in a town. He was also able to generate some turbulence for a plane to cause a skydiver to hit his head and suffer a fatal fall.
  • Telepathy - An oni is capable of reading the minds of its targets for information on them.
  • Clairvoyance - An oni is capable of observing everything around them for a great distance in their mind by focusing on it. The range of this ability is increased when they open their third eye.
  • Super strength - Oni are immensely strong, able to fling grown men around with ease. One crushed the throat of a woman completely by accident while holding her by the neck.
  • Talon like claws - They have claws that can rip open a human's throat, instantly killing them. These claws are also capable of ripping people apart with ease.
  • Telekinesis - An oni was able to cause a series of accidents by subtly manipulating objects in the vicinity of its victims with its mind. Such effects included causing a roof shingle to slip out from under a man, an air hose to whip around to draw another to a roof's edge then yank him off, a caulk gun to roll under another man's foot to cause him to slip and fall, a tree branch to suddenly spring upright causing a man on a ladder to suffer a fatal fall, causing a tire to blow out and a cup of coffee to spill. An oni was even able to affect objects 13,000 feet in the air, causing a skydiver's parachute cords to tangle, the line holding another's to snap and his entire harness to tear off of him.
  • Electrokinesis - An oni was able to purposefully disable electronics, including the computer system on three skydivers parachutes to cause the failsafe to the reserve parachutes to fail. The oni was also able to change a stoplight from red to green while ensuring that the opposing light also remained green and ensure no airbags deployed in the cars involved in the accident he caused.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - An oni's presence in an area scrambled all electronics nearby.
  • Thermokinesis - An oni was able to cause a spark in accumulated dryer lint that started a deadly fire.
  • Biokinesis - An oni was able to cause a man to have a heart attack.
  • Disease Manipulation - An oni was able to manipulate relatively harmless strains of disease into more deadly and virulent strains and spread them with ease. After the oni's death, the diseases it had caused lost strength and the people who were infected with them and still alive recovered.
  • Sedation - An oni was able to deliberately make a man in a house he passed fall asleep.
  • Spell Casting - An oni can cast a variety of spells. Among these are the demon gate ritual to transform a normal human into an oni and the ritual to complete their children's conversion into full oni.
  • Terrakinesis - An oni was able to collapse a pedestrian bridge by increasing and spreading the cracks existing in the framework through tremors generated by his kanabo. He was later able to collapse an entire stadium by targeting its weak spots with tremors. He also opened crevices and fissures in the ground.
  • Conversion - Using the demon gate ritual, an oni can transform a regular human into an oni to be its mate. Once an oni gains enough power from the chaos it causes, they can claim a town for themselves and in doing so, along with causing smaller disasters to happen without their direct supervision, begin the conversion of their half-human children into full oni, resulting in them suffering massive headaches and personality changes more in line with their oni halves than with a human. A ritual involving the breaking of a human bone after the killing of dozens of people causes the oni children to break with their humanity and start to truly become oni. The oni then use a ritual of blood involving the slaughter of hundreds to complete the transformation from hybrids to full oni.
  • Shapeshifting - An oni is able to take on a more human appearance by shortening its hair and horns and changing its fingernails and teeth to be more human. An oni can also reverse this transformation to take on their full oni appearance at will.
  • Pyrokinesis - An oni was able to cause the flame on Dean's Zippo lighter to go out.
  • Mental Manipulation - An oni was able to make a man with anger management issues go into a homicidal rage. To distract the Winchesters from the pedestrian bridge overpass collapse, an oni was able to use a tendril of his power to aggravate Sam's hallucinations of Lucifer. As the oni's power increased, merely being in his presence caused Sam's hallucinations to flare up and in his area of influence, a man to drive away from a gas pump while forgetting to put the pump away, causing an explosion.
  • Reality Warping - As an oni's power grows from absorbing the chaos it creates, its influence will spread through a town and cause the same kinds of accidents it could cause up close but without it needing to be present for them. However, this effect only worked for the smaller scale stuff and the bigger stuff, such as a stadium collapse, required the oni's personal attention and effort. These effects end if the oni leaves or is killed.
  • Super Agility - An oni displayed the ability to jump onto a dumpster, then a utility pole and climb hand over hand up the pole to a nearby roof effortlessly.
  • Blood Link - An oni maintains a blood link with its offspring that allows it to influence them.
  • Invulnerability - An oni is invulnerable to any sort of normal harm including bullets and being hit with vehicles. Its only weakness is its third eye while it doesn't have its kanabo.
  • Power Granting - An oni can grant its offspring who haven't fully transformed yet a degree of its invulnerability for several hours.
  • Third Eye - Opening its third eye, the oni can increase its area of influence, causing disasters on a much larger scale.
  • Chaos Absorption - An oni is able to replenish and strengthen its powers by absorbing energy from the chaos it generates. The more chaos generated, the more energy it receives.


Oni are powerful monsters with few true weaknesses.

  • Soybean Ritual - A ritual involving soybeans can banish an oni from a town.
  • Holly - Holly leaves carried by someone will disrupt an oni's power and make it unable to influence that person in any way.
  • Obake - Benevolent Japanese monsters who are enemies of the oni. Obake appear to have the power to temporarily hypnotize an oni into standing still.
  • Loss of Kanabo - An oni's kanabo shields its third eye as well as amplifies an oni's power. If an oni loses its kanabo, it will be vulnerable to attacks on its third eye.
  • Third Eye - Targeting an oni's third eye with a weapon such as a bullet or knife will kill the oni.
  • Mortality - In young oni who are not yet fully transformed, they are vulnerable to mortal injuries unless an adult oni performs a ritual to grant them some of his invulnerability.
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds - While unable to kill an oni or even harm an adult one, armor-piercing rounds can hurt young oni who have not yet fully transformed somewhat, though not mortally.
  • Death of its Children - Due to the blood link between an adult oni and its children, if one of them is killed, it is caused great pain. However, it is not debilitating or fatal.
  • Overstraining - Overstraining its powers to cause a disaster lessens the effect of the "bad luck" on those in its more immediate vicinity, leaving the oni more vulnerable to being attacked. However, the oni's invulnerability remains unaffected by this and it remains nearly impossible to kill.
  • Restoration of Order - Restoring order to chaos generated by an oni prematurely will hurt the oni like a psychic hammer blow. However, this is not crippling or otherwise harmful to the oni beyond being painful.

Known OniEdit



  • According to the lore Sam finds online, the oni can't be killed and they weren't able to find anyone who knew of a way to kill one. Even Roy Dempsey, who knew of their fear of obake, knew of no way to kill an oni. The Winchesters and Bobby Singer were forced to work out the oni's weaknesses through trial and error, only finding the way to kill one when Dean managed to kill Dalton Rourke as he attacked him, mostly through sheer luck as Dalton's third eye had only just opened.
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