Omniscience is the ability to have unlimited understanding and awareness of everything.[1]

Characters with this abilityEdit


No character in the Supernatural Universe is omniscient.


Entities who have an awareness of everything that goes around in the universe and know almost everything

  • Archangels - All Archangels possess a heightened awareness and perception of what's going on all around the universe. Michael and Lucifer recognized the release of The Darkness, although they were in the cage. They are older than the universe making them present at the time it was created.
    • Gabriel - Gabriel, although the youngest Archangel, possesses great knowledge of the universe. He also possessed knowledge of the four Horseman rings and that they can open Lucifer's Cage.
    • Lucifer - Lucifer, being the second Archangel in creation, possesses a profound understanding of the universe. As Sam once said to Dean "I'm sure he knows a buttload we don't", however he didn't know the car that Dean and Sam drive. He claimed to also know how to restore the wings of all remaining fallen angels and build new ones, but later he admitted that he lied about it. He knew that angels go to the Empty upon death, and even knew a way to resurrect them from there.
    • Raphael - Raphael's knowledge, being an Archangel, was incredible. He knew of a way to open Lucifer's Cage, seemingly without the Horsemen's rings.
    • Michael - Michael, being the first Archangel in creation, possesses a phenomenal understanding of the universe. His knowledge surpasses even Lucifer's. He was even aware of Anna Milton's plan, and picked just the right moment to throw it off the rails.
  • Death - Having existed alongside God, and a being as powerful as God, Death possesses a near unrivaled understanding and knowledge of the Universe, rivaled only by God.
  • Billie - After her promotion as the new Death, she gained a much higher elevation of cosmic awareness and could see the actual necessity of the Winchesters to the universe. This is notable considering her disdain for the Winchesters and her original firm belief that everything that dies should stay dead. However, she was unaware that a Nephilim was the cause of the rift or that Castiel was resurrected in her talk with Dean.
  • God - God knows almost everything. Joshua once said to the Winchesters that he already knew everything they wanted to tell him. However, Death claims that God has forgotten who is older between the two of them. Metatron also claims God did not know the name of multiple people who worshiped him, but later he said that God hears and sees all.

Cosmic AwarenessEdit

Cosmic awareness is the ability to know and understand what's transpiring across the universe.

  • The Shadow - Despite apparently never leaving his domain, the Empty, he possesses knowledge of the primordial forces that shaped reality.
  • Eve - A very old entity, Eve possess a strong understanding of the universe. She bears some knowledge and insight on the Natural Order, and the role she and her children play in it.
  • Metatron - As the scribe of God, he wrote several words of God about various beings, and has knowledge of many creatures including demons, angels, and leviathans.
  • The Darkness - Being older than God himself, the Darkness knows many things, but is still learning about the universe God made while she was locked away. However, she was immediately able to speak the English language.

Limited Cosmic AwarenessEdit

A milder, limited form of a type of cosmic awareness. While not as intelligent as those with full cosmic awareness, these beings are far more intelligent that those with bare superhuman intellect.

  • Angels (Collectively all branches of angels besides the archangels) - All angels understand and know many things, such as all potential Prophets and the powers of other beings. However, there are limits to their knowledge as no angel knew that they go to the empty in death until Castiel was awakened in The Empty by the Nephilim, Jack and the Cosmic Entity explained to him what it was. The Angels also did not know the Darkness was a true story until the Winchesters released her into the world.
  • Famine, Pestilence, and War - Horsemen have incredible knowledge and understand many things.
  • Pagan deities - The pagan deities have a higher awareness of the world and the natural order. During the events of season 5, many pagan deities gathered to discuss the Judeo-Christian apocalypse and knew details demons didn't know before it began, like Sam and Dean being Lucifer and Michael's true vessels. Also, Atropos, a goddess employed by Heaven, uses her powers to determine the fate of humans.

Superhuman intelligenceEdit

This is the ability to know or understand more than is humanely possible, but not to the point of total awareness.

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  • Omnipotence defined as the ability to do anything logically possible (which includes the ability, to give oneself any ability) implies that an omnipotent force could also be omniscient if it wants to be.
    • However, it also provides a paradox: Assuming an entity is both, being omniscient it knows its own future. Either it can't change its own future and has therefore no longer free will or, the entity changes it, which would mean it could not predict the future correctly, hence it's not omniscient.
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