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Olivia Sanchez was a woman accidentally killed by Magda Peterson.


Magda Peterson, a child born with psychic abilities but forced to believe she was the Devil and thus punish herself regularly, decided to reach out to Olivia in an attempt to get help.

Unfortunately, Magda's efforts caused Olivia to start repeating the prayer her mother Gail forced her to say, while also forcing Olivia to suffer through whip slashes on her back. Olivia stumbled into a church, crying and bleeding. Her presence scared the attendants there, while the priest tried to ask her what's wrong.

Olivia dropped onto her knees in front of him and continued the prayer. Gradually, her ears began to bleed and marks appeared on her forehead. Since Magda's powers ultimately scrambled Olivia's brains, Olivia collapsed and died at the end of the prayer.

Her death alerted Sam and Dean Winchester, who arrive at the church to investigate. Her office was also given to Beth Roberts.