Olivia Camrose was a barista at the Gentle Earth Vegan bakery in Enid, Oklahoma, and a co-founder of the animal rights group S.N.A.R.T., which stood for Show No Animal Rough Treatment.


Sam and Dean Winchester stopped by the vegan bakery where Olivia and Dylan Camrose worked, as the S.N.A.R.T. logo had been graffiti'd on the front of Max Alexander's shop, Mounted Treasures Taxidermy, as part of a death threat the night he was murdered. Olivia and Dylan claimed they did not kill Max as S.N.A.R.T. was a non-violent group, and they only spray painted the death threat to scare Max. However, they looked suspicious because they were wearing sunglasses indoors, but they did not want to draw more attention as they had been sprayed in the eyes with venom by Leo.

After finishing the case, the Winchesters brought The Colonel to the Camroses to be cared for. He did not like this idea, but Dean assured him they would give him the good home he deserved.


Trivia Edit

  • Olivia's actress, Jessica Harmon, also played Special Child Lily Baker.
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