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**''[[The Executioner's Song]]'' {{c|Mentioned only}}
**''[[The Executioner's Song]]'' {{c|Mentioned only}}
**''[[Paint it Black]]''
**''[[Paint it Black]]''
**[[Dark Dynasty|Dark]] [[Dark Dynasty|Dynasty]] (Hamster)
[[Category:Season 10 characters]]
[[Category:Season 10 characters]]

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Olivette is a renowned and powerful witch. She was Rowena's rival and high priestess and leader of the Grand Coven.


Not much is known about her. In past, she met Rowena and eventually became her rival to take leadership of the Grand Coven. At some point, she took leadership of the Grand Coven and expelled Rowena from the coven because she had a child with a non-magician, but not without sealing her power to certain degree that make her current powers look like parlor tricks.

Eventually, under her reign, The Grand Coven conflicted by Men of Letters. However, the Men of Letters using their powers and political approaches, influenced most of churches in that time to battled the Grand Coven, orchestrated what now called "witch-hunting" for many years, significantly reducing the coven's members and powers because many of its members killed in the war or executed in burning stakes or many execution methods, making the rest surviving members of the coven scattered and forced into hiding. The Men of Letters later used the condition to plundered their base, stole most of powerful magical knowledge: spells, scrolls, and potions. The Men of Letters's actions caused great loss for the Grand Coven and caused its downfall under her reign. For many years, She, with the surviving members, attempted to ransacked Men of Letters's crypts and bunkers which scattered around the world, even after The Men of Letters's downfall in 1958, only for repelled by Men of Letters's warding spells.

in 2015, She, along with some senior witches in the Grand Coven, responsible for sending Katja to stop Rowena.

Power and Abilities

Although her power and abilities are unknown, being capable of taking leadership of the Grand Coven, she maybe the most powerful witch in that community.

  • Immortality - She has been active around 300 - 400 years ago. Indicating She can live for a very long time if not indefinitely.
  • Magic - Being alive and active since 300 - 400 years ago, She has vast knowledge of magic. However, this knowledge was somehow reduced because of unknown reasons.
  • Power Sealing - Although not demonstrated, Rowena indirectly stated to Crowley that she was the only one who was capable of using a that made her current powers look like parlor tricks and the only one who could undo the seal.


  • Illusion Spell - She could be stunned by a very powerful Illusion Spell cast via the power of Rune of Amaranth.
  • A horde of stronger demons - Rowena planned to besiege her with a horde of stronger demons from Crowley's minions to overwhelm her, a plan later postponed by Crowley. She was eventually captured this way off-screen.
  • Higher Demons - Crowley could defeat her without much efforts.
  • Iron - Olivette's power was reduced dramatically and blocked when bounded by iron.
  • Stronger Magic - Stronger magic is capable of disabling her. Witch Torturing Spell capable to make her near her death. Fate Manipulation Spell ultimately alter her fate into very weak hamster.
  • Men of Letters's Warding Spells - Capable to repel her and any other witch to reach the Men of Letter Bunkers which are scattered around the world.


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