Olivette is a renowned and powerful witch. She was Rowena's rival, and High Priestess and leader of the Grand Coven.


Not much is known about her. In the past, she met Rowena and eventually became her rival to take leadership of the Grand Coven. At some point, she took leadership of the Grand Coven and expelled Rowena from the coven because she had a child with a non-magician, but not without sealing her power to a certain degree that made her current powers look like "parlor tricks".

Olivette continued to lead the Grand Coven which came into conflict with the Men of Letters. Rather than attack the Coven directly, the Men of Letters used their political power to whip the church into a frenzy which Olivette and the other Grand Coven members couldn't counter. Due to the Men of Letters efforts, most of the witches Olivette commanded were either burned at the stake or forced into hiding. The Coven's store of magical spells and potions were then plundered and scattered to bunkers across the world. Olivette and the Grand Coven were unable to penetrate the bunkers' powerful warding to retrieve their lost spells and potions and while the Grand Coven continued to survive under Olivette's leadership, it was severely weakened.


Olivette, cursed into hamster by Rowena.

In 2015, Olivette and rest the Grand Coven sent the witch Katja to kill Rowena. Katja was killed by Dean Winchester while Olivette herself was eventually captured by demons working for Crowley so Rowena could make her case to Olivette to be able to freely practice magic again. Olivette eventually admitted that the Grand Coven had been decimated by the Men of Letters and the only known members left were the Winchesters. Rather than killing Olivette, Rowena transformed her into a hamster.

In Dark Dynasty, Crowley speaks with the transformed Olivette for any information he can find that he can use as leverage over Rowena. Olivette seemingly spends a lot of time complaining about Rowena before giving Crowley the name of someone important to Rowena. Crowley then sends a demon to locate the person Olivette pointed him towards.

In Brother's Keeper, Crowley visits Oskar and recites the story of Oskar's history with Rowena. When asked how he knew, Crowley tells Oskar that "a little hamster told me", referencing the information Olivette had given him earlier.

In The Bad Seed, Rowena tries to recruit some witches into her Mega Coven, stating that the Grand Coven has "fallen to pieces" since Olivette disappeared. However, the witches are unimpressed and note that Rowena is believed to have had a hand in her disappearance.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - She has been active for around 300 – 400 years, indicating She can live for a very long time if not indefinitely.
  • Magic - Being alive and active since 300 – 400 years ago, she has vast knowledge of magic.
  • Power Sealing - Although not demonstrated, Rowena indirectly stated to Crowley that she was the only one who was capable of using a seal that made her current powers look like parlor tricks and the only one who could undo the seal. The mentioned seal was later broken in Various & Sundry Villains through a ritual from the Black Grimoire.


  • Illusion Spell - She could be stunned by a very powerful Illusion Spell cast via the power of Rune of Amaranth.
  • A horde of stronger demons - Rowena planned to besiege her with a horde of stronger demons from Crowley's minions to overwhelm her, a plan later postponed by Crowley. She was eventually captured this way off-screen.
  • Higher Demons - Crowley could defeat her without much efforts.
  • Iron - Olivette's power was reduced dramatically and blocked when bound by iron.
  • Stronger Magic - Stronger magic is capable of disabling her. The Witch Torturing Spell is capable of making her nearly bleed to death. The Fate Manipulation Spell ultimately altered her fate into very weak hamster.
  • Men of Letters's Warding Spells - Capable of repelling her and any other witch trying to reach the Men of Letter Bunkers, which are scattered around the world.


Trivia Edit

  • Olivette's actress, Teryl Rothery, previously played the Medical Examiner in the Season 2 episode Heart.
  • Olivette demonstrated contempt for demons, which may indicate that she's not a borrower.
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