Oliver is the son of the deity Prometheus and Hayley. He was afflicted with the same curse as his father. Over time he stopped speaking.


Early History Edit

When Oliver turned 7, he started dying and coming back to life everyday. This frightened his mother Hayley, who decided to find his father to stop the curse.

Season 8 Edit

In Remember the Titans, Hayley eventually find her son's Father at Sam and Dean's hotel room, and Prometheus met his son for the first time. Later Hayley burst into the room carrying Oliver as he suffered a nasty fall from the swing. Prometheus then came to know that the curse affected his son as well.

They summoned Zeus to break the curse on the boy, but things did not go as planned. Zeus refused to act on it unless he was released from the trap. Hayley, in desperation, broke him free. Zeus instead attacked the guys and proceeded to kill Oliver just to spite Prometheus.

Artemis, having a change of heart, decided to kill her father. But Zeus pulled Prometheus in the arrow's trajectory. Prometheus, then pushed the arrow through himself, killing himself as well as Zeus, breaking the curse on Oliver. Afterwards, while Dean and Hayley burned Prometheus' body, Sam offered to take Oliver out for ice cream, but speaking for the first time in a long time, Oliver declined.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Oliver has displayed a few uncommon supernatural powers. However, as they were connected to his curse, they are presumably gone now. It is unknown if he possesses any powers of his own unconnected to the curse, as he is half-god.

  • Immortality (formerly) - Zeus's curse makes Oliver immortal in the fact that he could never truly die.


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