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Olga Kucharski was an old woman appearing in Supernatural: Night Terror.


Olga was originally from Poland and was extremely proud of her Polish heritage. She was known to decorate her house with many objects relating to Poland, including all sorts of books from cookbooks, to history to Polish legends and folklore. Of the books in her home by 2011, only the ones on Poland appeared to have been read in any sort of recent timeframe while the rest of her books were left to molder.

At an unknown time, Olga immigrated to the United States, ultimately settling in Clayton Falls, Colorado. Before her immigration from Poland, Olga lost her husband to an illness.

In 2006, Olga's son Piotr, who was living in New Jersey with her grandson Teodor, died of a massive heart attack. With Teodor, who was generally known as Teddy having no other living relatives, Olga took him in. For the next four years, Olga and Teddy took care of each other, being the only family the other had. When he grew old enough to drive, Teddy would drive Olga anywhere she needed to go and ensured that she always went to her doctor's appointments. Teddy ended up getting three friends, Steve Bullinger, Tony Lacosta and Lucy Quinn, all of whom Olga disapproved of. When Teddy fell in love with Lucy and started dating her, Olga dismissed their relationship as a mere crush.

In 2010, while driving drunk in the 1968 Dodge Charger he inherited from his father, Teddy and his three friends suffered a horrible car accident. Teddy's injuries were fatal while his friends, though injured somewhat seriously, all survived and recovered. Over the next two weeks, news coverage on Teddy's accident was minimal, mostly turning Teddy into a cautionary tale for the local teenagers. One sympathetic reporter interviewed Olga who called Teddy more than once "a good Polish boy." After two weeks, all interest in Teddy's death dropped off and the town appeared to forget about him.

The death of her grandson, her one reason for living, drove Olga into a deep depression. Though Lucy visited a few times, she found Olga's grief to be too suffocating to be around. Olga went so far as to hang around two dozen photos of Teddy's life in her living room to reminisce by and started neglecting herself to the point that she only left the house for things like grocery shopping and would not go to see a doctor anymore. Olga developed an interest in Jozef Wieczorek's program Nightmare Theater where he was known as Doctor Gruesome. Olga once met Jozef at a publicity signing and was excited due to Jozef also being Polish and got him to sign his real name for her. Months later, Jozef would recall meeting Olga and note that she made quite an impression.

Six months after Teddy's death, a fire at the Clayton Falls Apparel Company took the lives of thirty-two workers. Unlike Teddy's death, the fire tragedy received new coverage for months more, only fueling Olga's anger at the fact that her grandson had apparently been forgotten quickly while the fire received extensive coverage. Sam Winchester would later note that while Clayton Falls suffered a communal grief, Olga was excluded as her personal grief had become too isolating.

Filled with bottled-up rage over the unfairness of Teddy's death and blaming his friends for it, Olga went on to pray for revenge and even dream about it, apparently having nightmares where revenge would be extracted using Teddy's Charger. Olga's bottled-up anger and dreams of revenge combined with her knowledge of Polish folklore led Olga to inadvertently summon a night hag in her sleep. The night hag, a nightmare spirit from Polish folklore, began feeding on Olga and manifesting her nightmares, based both off of Teddy's death and watching Nightmare Theater.

On the one year anniversary of Teddy's death, the night hag conjured a manifestation of Teddy's Charger and sent it after Steve, Tony and Lucy along with a manifestation of a headless horseman. Olga's dreams also resulted in a massive Gila monster being sent after Gavin Shelburn. The Charger manifestation went on to kill Steve before disappearing.

As a result of the night hag feeding on her, Olga began to visibly age drastically and lose a great deal of energy. By the second night of the night hag's rampage, Olga had trouble doing simple, mundane tasks and put it down to old age. Feeding off of Olga a second time that night, the night hag sent the Charger after Tony and Lucy, resulting in the death of Tony.

With the night hag's rampage worsening, hunter Sam Winchester visited Olga two days after the anniversary of Teddy's death after Lucy identified the Charger as Teddy's. By this point, the night hag's feeding had left Olga extremely sick and weak to the point that she had a hard time even drinking a glass of water. After seeing pictures of Olga from just a year before compared to her current state, Sam noted that she appeared to have aged twenty-five years and the woman in the picture from eighteen months before could've been mistaken as Olga's daughter instead of Olga herself. Olga was surprised to hear of Steve and Tony's deaths and saw them as the work of karma. She also confirmed that the Charger was totaled in a junkyard and showed Sam information on Nightmare Theater, allowing Sam to connect the nightmare manifestations to the show.

Though convinced that Olga didn't consciously know about what was going on, her aged state along with her connection to both Nightmare Theater and the murderous Charger convinced Sam that she was unconsciously or perhaps subconsciously responsible in some way. Looking through the articles surrounding Teddy's death and the fire, Sam was able to understand the source of Olga's anger over the situation. Sam eventually remembered Olga's books on Polish folklore and searched through Polish folklore in the library for possible clues. Sam was able to identify the night hag as the culprit and realized that Olga's bottled-up rage and desire for revenge likely caused her to summon it in her sleep without realizing what she did.

After learning from Bobby Singer that the night hag could only be killed while feeding, Sam staked out Olga's home while his brother Dean worked to protect Lucy from the Charger, destroying it in the end with a Molotov cocktail. As the night hag fed on Olga, Sam attempted to kill it with a makeshift iron spear. However, the night hag finished draining Olga before Sam could attack and he was unable to kill it. The night hag, before departing, informed Sam of how Olga's desire for revenge led it to the town where it was able to feast due to the great emotional darkness left over from the factory fire.

After the night hag departed, Sam checked on Olga and was shocked to find that the night hag's feeding had left Olga a desiccated corpse. Olga's death caused the destroyed remains of the Charger manifestation to disappear for good.


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