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This unnamed night hag preyed upon the town of Clayton Falls, Colorado in Supernatural: Night Terror.


Due to her bottled-up rage over the death of her grandson Teddy, Olga Kucharski dreamt about getting revenge upon his friends Steve Bullinger, Tony Lacosta and Lucy Quinn. Due to this, Olga's Polish heritage and possibly her reading books on Polish folklore, she inadvertently summoned this night hag in her own nightmares.

Drawn to Clayton Falls, Colorado by Olga, the night hag began feeding off of Olga while exacting Olga's revenge. The night hag conjured a headless horseman that attacked Steve and drove him into the street where a manifestation of Teddy's 1968 Dodge Charger killed Steve in an apparent hit and run. At the same time, the night hag used Olga's fondness for Nightmare Theater to send a giant Gila monster after Gavin Shelburn. Once Steve was dead, the night hag ended her feeding, causing her manifestations to disappear and sparing the life of Gavin. The night hag's feeding left Olga with exhaustion and physically aged, but she dismissed it as the normal effects of aging.

The night hag's attacks drew the attention of hunter Bobby Singer who contacted fellow hunter Sam and Dean Winchester to investigate the happenings in Clayton Falls. Drawn by the massive amounts of despair and depression in the town coming from the recent deadly Clayton Falls Apparel Company fire, the night hag saw an opportunity to gain a great deal of power and cause massive destruction.

On the second night, the night hag returned to feeding on Olga, creating more monster manifestations and sending the Charger out to kill Tony and Lucy. Though the Charger failed to kill Lucy, its attack on Tony was successful. The night hag moved on to attack Daniel Barnes, Roman Messerly, Ehrich Vogel, Trevor Deetz, Phil Meyerson and Alden Webb. Along with the impact of indirect influence on the people of Clayton Falls and the nightmares that resulted, the night hag directly caused a tree to kill Max Barnes, a powerful storm to hit Clayton Falls, a massive sinkhole to open in the parking lot of Mack's Qwik Mart, manifestations of Nazi zombies to attack, manifestations of people infected with hemorrhagic fever and a manifestation of serial killer Ragnar Bartch. Her indirect influence resulted in Sam having a waking nightmare of Soulless Sam before the night was over as well.

The next night, the Winchesters had figured out that they were dealing with a night hag and that they could only kill her while she was feeding and thus taking on a solid form. To this end, Sam staked out Olga's house while Dean defended Lucy from the returned Charger. Dean was able to destroy the Charger with a Molotov cocktail, but Olga died moments before Sam could strike the night hag with a makeshift iron short-spear. As a result, the night hag was able to avoid being killed and explained how Olga's dreams of revenge had summoned it. Before departing, the night hag promised that no one would survive the night and she would destroy Clayton Falls.

The night hag next fed on Roman Messerly, creating a massive storm that struck Clayton Falls. However, Roman was awakened by the friend whose house he was staying at due to Roman's need to go deal with the disasters in his job as a paramedic. Not willing to let Roman go, the night hag pushed him back to sleep and fed upon him, creating a tornado to strike Clayton Falls before ultimately draining Roman of life, ending the storm. During this time, the night hag's power spread through the Clayton Falls, causing people to have their nightmares come to life and attack them without the night hag being directly involved. The night hag went on to attack former miner Ehrich Vogel, using his nightmares of being trapped underground from surviving a cave-in to create massive sinkholes and rock storms. Possibly because of Dean's interest in Sophie Bessette, the night hag appeared to target her in particular with a sinkhole, but she was rescued by the Winchesters.

After Ehrich expired, the night hag moved on to fourteen-year old Trevor Deetz whose young age supplied the night hag with energy that could potentially feed her for weeks. Using Trevor's nightmares, the night hag sent a plague of constantly regenerating Nazi zombies to attack Clayton Falls, now strong enough that the zombies had a permanence that her manifestations had lacked before.

As local law enforcement and the Winchesters struggled to repel the manifestations and stop the night hag, Trevor's mother Linda suspected that her son was in trouble when she heard banging from his room and Trevor didn't answer her calls. Armed with a cast-iron skillet, Linda made her way to her son's room where she found the night hag feeding on him. Angry and desperate to protect her son, Linda struck the night hag with the skillet. As the night hag was feeding at the time, she was vulnerable to the iron and was forced to stop feeding on Trevor and retreat with a glare at Linda. Trevor survived the night hag's feeding with two permanent grey streaks in his hair. Though the night hag had stopped feeding off of Trevor, the zombie manifestations failed to disappear. Dean would speculate that they would disappear once the current batch was gone.

Forced away from Trevor, the night hag made its way to Phil Meyerson's house, causing momentary blackouts in the house she passed over. Having figured out the night hag's feeding pattern, Lucy Quinn and Josef Wieczorek were able to report on her location to the Winchesters. From Meyerson, the night hag was able to conjure unending manifestations of people infected with hemorrhagic fever that attacked CJ's Diner. The diner was defended by Officer Richard Jefferies and Colorado State Patrol Officer Baumbauch, but more kept coming. However, due to his advanced age, Meyerson succumbed to a heart attack or stroke and died before the night hag could finish feeding off of him, forcing her to move on before Dean could enter the house.

Next, the night hag moved to feed on Alden Webb. Due to Webb's fears of an escape at Falls Federal Prison, the night hag caused the walls of the Supermax wing to crack and crumble, the security camera system to short-out, the stun fences to shut off and gaps to open and provided the prisoners with weapons, in particular a meat cleaver for insane serial killer Ragnar Bartch.

As the night hag finished feeding on Webb, she was attacked by Sam with his iron short-spear. However, Webb died and the night hag apparently sensed his presence as he tried to stab her in the back. The night hag turned to face Sam, causing his spear to pierce one of her arms and destroy it instead of her back. The night hag quickly knocked Sam to the ground and placed him into a state of sleep paralysis in which he was aware, but unable to move. Detecting that Sam's greatest fears were losing his brother and his soulless self, she sent a manifestation of Soulless Sam to attack Dean while mentally providing Sam with images of the attack.

To the night hag's joy, Sam was overcome by apparent hopelessness and stopped resisting her. The night hag began feeding off of Sam and became focused on her feeding above all else, including keeping Sam paralyzed. Weaving his despair front and center for the night hag to keep her distracted, Sam drove the point of his iron short-spear through the night hag's chest. As the night hag shrieked, writhed and tried to recede from the iron burning away at the congealed darkness of her being, Sam twisted the spear and redirected it into the center of her shriveling mass. Finally, with a burst of foul-smelling air, the night hag's body burst apart in rapidly thinning tendrils of darkness that flared and burned into bitter ash before fading away.

Following the death of the night hag, her nightmare manifestations immediately began winking out across Clayton Falls. Though the prison break was real, only Ragnar Bartch managed to make it outside of the prison compound and he was killed by Chief Michael Quinn. Unlike the other things the night hag conjured, Bartch's cleaver remained real even after the night hag and Bartch's deaths.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to the negative energy she fed upon, this night hag was particularly powerful.

  • Life Force Draining - By draining the life force of her victims', the night hag was able to grow stronger and stronger. As a result, her manifestations began to gain more permanence and according to Bobby Singer, if she hadn't been stopped, they would've gained a life of their own. The night hag's victims', after only one or two feedings, became more exhausted and gained an aged appearance. Olga Kucharski aged twenty-five years after two feeding and fourteen-year old Trevor Deetz gained two grey streaks in his hair. Once the night hag was powerful enough, she would not even require direct contact to feed off of her victims' life force.
  • Empathy - The night hag could detect those who had the greatest fears and despair to feed off of.
  • Mental Manipulation - The night hag would give her victims' psychic nudges into sleep. As she grew stronger, the night hag could keep them from waking up. While feeding off of Sam Winchester, the night hag was able to share images with him of Dean's fight with her Soulless Sam manifestation. Another effect of her power was that someone in her sphere of influence could experience a "waking nightmare" where, while awake, they saw their worst nightmare come to life. This was an effect both Winchesters experienced.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Whenever the night hag fed, it resulted in all electronic devices in the vicinity shutting down until the feeding was over. By the end of the night hag's rampage, her feeding caused all the streetlights in half a block to go out and her just passing over houses resulted in them losing power for a moment.
  • Reality Warping - The night hag possessed the ability to warp reality and make her victims' worst nightmares come to life. As the night hag grew stronger, anyone within her sphere of influence had their nightmares come to life without the night hag needing to directly act on that person. According to Bobby Singer, these manifestations would eventually become real if the night hag wasn't stopped. As the night hag grew stronger, her manifestations gained more permanence. The manifestations created from direct feeding usually didn't vanish when destroyed while ones created from indirect influence would vanish. Any time one of her manifestations appeared, a white mist would surround the spot they appeared in.
    • Conjuration - The night hag possessed the ability to conjure up manifestations of people's worst nightmares. These manifestations included a car that reappeared each night, various monsters, dinosaurs, zombies, hemorrhagic fever victims, rabid wolves and rain of rocks falling from the sky. As the night hag grew stronger, she was able to regenerate her manifestations moments after destruction and they gained a greater permanence. The night hag was able to conjure a meat cleaver for Ragnar Bartch to use. Unlike her other nightmare manifestations, the cleaver continued to exist following the death of both the night hag and Bartch.
    • Animation - When feeding off of Daniel Barnes, the night hag was able to make the tree outside his window come to life, kill Daniel's father and then collapse in the middle of the road after apparently trying to get away.
    • Weather Manipulation - Acting on Roman Messerly's natural disaster nightmares, the night hag caused powerful thunderstorms to hit Clayton Falls. On the final night of her rampage, the night hag was strong enough to create a tornado to attack Clayton Falls with.
    • Terrakinesis - While acting on Ehrich Vogel's nightmares of being trapped underground, the night hag was able to create massive sinkholes that consumed parking lots and houses. Due to Alden Webbs' fears of a jailbreak, the night hag made the walls of the Falls Federal Supermax wing crack and crumble to release the prisoners.
    • Electrokinesis - When releasing the prisoners at Falls Federal, the night hag caused the security cameras to short out along with the stun fences.
    • Pyrokinesis - Due to several of the people under her indirect influence having nightmares about the Clayton Falls Apparel Company fire, the night hag's powers caused their homes to catch on fire.
  • Invulnerability - The night hag was only vulnerable when she took solid form to feed. At that point, iron could harm her.


  • Feeding - While feeding, she took on a solid form at which point the night hag became vulnerable to attack.
  • Iron - While the night hag was feeding, she was vulnerable to iron. A blow from a cast-iron skillet hurt her enough that she was forced to retreat. A blow from a makeshift iron short-spear to her arm caused the arm to be destroyed. A blow from the spear directed into the center of her chest destroyed her.


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