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The Old Woman was a woman possessed by a demon in a Class Five Infernal Event.



At some point before March 8, 1957, this old woman was possessed by a demon in what the Men of Letters classified as a Class Five Infernal Event. The demon was eventually captured and taken to a church in St. Louis where Father Max Thompson and Father Simon used her as Father Thompson's first test subject in his new ritual to turn demons back into humans. Recorded by Josie Sands, the two priests performed a modified exorcism on the old woman, ending with Father Thompson cutting open his palm and pressing it to the old woman's mouth, causing her to emit a bright light similar to a smiting. However, the ritual was not successful and the demon was expelled from the old woman, ripping her chest open and killing her in the process.


In 2013, searching through the Men of Letters files for clues on how to cure a demon for the Third Trial, Sam Winchester found the file on the old woman's possession which was marked with "weird" and three exclamation points. Curious, the Winchesters tracked down the recording of the exorcism and watched it with the Seraphim Castiel. Their interest drawn by the difference in the old woman's exorcism to a normal exorcism, the Winchesters tracked down Father Simon who explained the intent of what they were doing that night along with the fact that the old woman's fate horrified him so much that he stopped taking part in Father Thompson's experiments. Through Father Thompson's records, the Winchesters were able to learn that Father Thompson eventually perfected the ritual he had attempted to use upon the old woman.


  • The old woman's possession was classified as a Class Five Infernal Event by the Men of Letters. While what this actually meant was never clarified, Sam Winchester noted that The Exorcist would be classified as a Class Two. Her possession was also labeled as case 1138.
  • Unlike most people who are possessed, the old woman's eyes were constantly black through her appearance.