Officer Levitt was an officer stationed in Ames, Iowa.


When Sam and Dean Winchester come to investigate about the arrest of officer Arthur Swensen, they visit Officier Levitt for answers.

Officer Levitt tells the brothers that Swensen was a top-shelf officer with 20 years on the force. Swensen had ordered pizza but the delivery boy never made it to his next drop off, his body found on the walk in front of Swensen's house. The delivery boy had his heart ripped out.

The officer in question was found "crumpled on the front stoop", covered in blood and crying like a baby. This was considered ironic to Levitt since the officer had been in court all week, testifying.

A call came in and Officer Levitt was briefly distracted while Sam and Dean discussed the unlikeliness that Swensen had committed another murder. After the phone conversation, Levitt was asked about Swensen's confession. Levitt simply told them it wasn't really helpful.

Sam and Dean soon found out that it's because Swensen is mumbling about the god Cacao.



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