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Oblivion, also called Letho, was a greek goddess of memory and forgetfulness. She is self-described as "the great river", and one of the six rivers of the dead in Greek mythology. She appears in the book Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting.


Before the apocalypse was averted, she was under the employ of Heaven. Her job was to erase the memories of someone who had seen something they weren't supposed to see. Usually, these memories are related to supernatural phenomena.

She came across the Winchesters and Bobby Singer when she sought a memory of Bobby. This memory was his chief reason for living through everything he had been through. It was never stated what his memory was though Dean speculates it could be about his unborn child, including the names Bobby was thinking of giving to the child. Oblivion wanted desperately the memory of Bobby. She manipulated and fed from the hunters' memories and even used a Banshee to lure them back to her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Invulnerability - Like many other deities, Oblivion is unharmed by conventional weaponry that could easily kill mortal beings.
  • Immortality - Oblivion has the potential to live for eternity, not succumbing to aging, disease or decay.
  • Memory Manipulation - Oblivion can primarily remove certain memories. However, her abilities are not limited to such. She can also feed from a person's memory or make them relive certain memories.


  • Auto-forced Empathy - She could feel the same sensations a person is feeling while she is feeding upon their memories, including pain and horror. This means that if a memory is particularly painful, it could also affect her negatively, as she was severely weakened after Sam and Dean started to relive their memories from Hell.
  • Wooden Stake - She was killed by the standard wooden stake used by the brothers to kill pagan gods.



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