There is much theory and little fact. We know they only take firstborn sons, just like Rumplestiltskin did. Personally, I think they're taken to Avalon to service Oberon, the King of the Fairy.

Oberon is the king of the fairies. A race of magical beings, fairies come from Avalon, a dimension separate from Earth.[1] In Avalon, according to Gilda, a good fairy, there also exists a fairy Tribunal, which her former master, a LARPer who had bound her to his will, would be brought before. It is not known if Oberon leads this tribunal, and his actual power, abilities, origin and appearance have not been revealed.


  • The idea of Oberon being king of the fairies dates back to the 13th Century.
    • Such an idea was popularised by Shakespare including him as a character in his play, "A Midsummer Nights Dream" in which the King is having relationship issues with his queen Titania.
    • The play also may provide the idea of Oberon's need to steal male children specifically, as the source of Oberon and Titania's quarrel is a young boy Titania has claimed and that Oberon wants for himself.
  • Oberon's (Auberon in French) name and status as fairy king comes from Alberich (alb - "elf" and rih - "ruler, king), a character of the German mythology.



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