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Obake are monsters from Japanese folklore featured in Supernatural: Rite of Passage.


The obake are Japanese monsters who are enemies of the oni. According to Roy Dempsey, the two species hate each other with the oni being malevolent while the obake are more benign, some even taking upon the role of protectors to humans.

An obake, in the form of a stray cat with a blind eye and a yellow one befriended hunter Roy Dempsey who was unaware that the obake was anything more than a stray cat he fed. When an oni named Tora came to the town of Laurel Hill, New Jersey and wreaked havoc, Roy told the Winchesters and Bobby Singer of the obake, inspiring them to use police K9 units against the oni in hopes he'd fear they were obake. However, the oni were able to see through the disguise. As the Winchesters and Bobby faced off with the oni for the final time, the obake that had been protecting Roy appeared to help. Tora was startled to see the obake and stared at it in fear, giving Dean Winchester time to knock Tora's kanabo from his hand. With the kanabo gone, Bobby was able to finally kill the oni. The obake then befriended Sumiko Jones who decided to name him Lucky and adopt the obake. Unlike with Roy, the obake seemed pleased to let go of its feral lifestyle and live as a housecat with Sumiko.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shapeshifting - Obake are shapeshifters that can take on the form of any animal.
  • Hypnotism (possibly) - When facing off against an oni, an obake seemed to briefly hypnotize the monster.


Obake are shapeshifters capable of taking on the form of any animal. The obake who befriended Roy Dempsey and later Sumiko Jones took the form of a feral cat with one blind eye and one that was yellow. Dean described the obake's physical appearance as looking like a cat from Pet Semetery due to the rough shape the obake was in while posing as a feral cat.


  • While Roy Dempsey was aware of the existence of obake, he didn't appear to be aware of the fact that his stray cat friend Shadow was in fact an obake and not just a normal stray cat.
  • The obake known as Shadow and later Lucky was likely protecting Roy Dempsey from a distance as he noted that obake sometimes act as protectors to humans. Roy appeared to be unaware of the fact that he was under protection from an obake and after his death, the obake seemed to transfer its protection to Sumiko Jones.


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