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Oak Park Retirement Living was a high-end retirement community in Smith County, Kansas.


In 2016, the community fell victim to a malevolent Banshee that targeted its vulnerable residents. The Banshee first killed resident Harold Miller who had recently had hip replacement surgery and was greatly disliked by the residents.


Harold's murder drew the attention of hunter Eileen Leahy who lost her parents to the same Banshee in 1986. Eileen disguised herself as a member of staff, Marlene, who was on vacation. Harold's death also drew the attention of the Winchesters who lived only fifteen minutes away. Due to Harold's reputation and the amount of EMF in the home indicating several ghosts, the Winchesters suspected that a vengeful spirit had killed Harold, more specifically that of former resident Jake Townsend who had been cheated out of his pension checks by Harold.

The Winchesters salted and burned Joe's corpse and believed it to be over, but that night, the Banshee returned and targeted the community's broken-hearted manager Arthur. The Banshee killed Arthur in front of Oak Park resident Mildred Baker who had seen a ghost ten years before and thus believed in the supernatural. Based on Mildred's description and the lore, the Winchesters quickly determined that they were dealing with a Banshee and that Mildred was the creature's most likely next target. After learning that Eileen was a fellow hunter that was after the Banshee too, the Winchesters teamed up with her to take it down.

As the third night of the Banshee's presence in Oak Park approached, the Winchesters and Eileen set up traps to allow them to capture and kill the Banshee when it went after Mildred. Instead, the Banshee targeted Dean and disabled the hunters, but Mildred was able to trap it for them. With the Banshee trapped, Eileen killed it with a gold blade, ending its rampage in Oak Park.



  • Due to the number of residents that have died on the premises, it appears to have several ghosts haunting it. This is indicated by the amount of EMF Sam Winchester detects in different parts of the home. However, none appear to be malicious.
  • While the exact location isn't given, the article on Harold Miller's death states that its in Smith County. Dean Winchester states that it is located only fifteen minutes away from the Men of Letters bunker where the Winchesters reside. Due to this proximity to the bunker, its likely in Lebanon or a neighboring town.